The CZUR ET18 Pro --Does it Live Up to The Hype?

Nothing can be more stressful and tiring than standing in front of a conventional scanner to scan a pile of documents, books, and receipts one after the other. Not to mention the loathsome process of unbinding books so that they can be scanned to perfection- if this sounds familiar to you- the CZUR ET18 Pro might just be the savior that you are looking for. 

But, what exactly makes it a savior? The answer to this question lies only here, as here we bring to you a complete review of the ET18 Pro by CZUR that will help you make an informed decision. 

Design & Functionality 

Do you find it difficult to carry bulky scanners from one place to another? The ET18 is a compact and portable scanner that allows you to scan anywhere from any time. It has a smooth user interface with smart buttons. Use this digital document scanner with your hand (hand button), foot (foot pedal), or software (CZUR patent software). 

Basically, you end up saving a lot of time and effort, as all that is needed is placing the book on the flatbed, click on scan, and the rest is done by the book scanner. 

Robust Features

Optimal ROI (return on investment) can only be assured when you buy a high speed book scanner that meets your specific requirements. You would never want to have a scanner that does not fulfill the key needs, and so paying attention to the feature is an absolute must. 

This part of the guide provides an in-depth overview of the features that CZUR ET18 Pro offers:

Laser Assisted Curve Flattening Technology

Now, as discussed before, while using traditional scanners you would have to unbind the books to capture an error-free scan. But, ET18 Pro is not the same. With this bound book scanning, the curves of the book are automatically detected by the patent laser-assisted curve flattening technology, resulting in flat books without you having to make any additional effort. 

Fast Scanning with Multi-Material Compatibility 

If you are up for a fast scanner, the ET18 Pro will never disappoint you. It scans two pages in 1.5 seconds- that's a tremendous speed! Plus, converts an 80-page bound into an e-book in less than a minute. The overhead book scanner is not just limited to books- drawings, blueprints, contracts, documents, and even paintings, you can use the scanner for as huge as large books or as small as business cards. 

Advanced HD Camera and Intuitive Sensor 

The camera is the heart of a high quality scanner. The quality of the final scan is greatly influenced by the type of camera-equipped in the scanner. The ET18 Pro has an 18-megapixel Sony HD camera with a CMOS sensor backed by a resolution of 4896 X 3672 pixels. This eliminates the scope of distortions, resulting in a precise and crystal clear scan. 

Optimal Lighting For Anti-Reflection 

CZUR has engineered this product with a brilliant lighting setup. There are two major sources of built-in light in this two-sided scanner (a) top LED lights and (b) sidelights. Patented sidelights reveal the entire document, so you get a balanced scan with zero glare while scanning laminated or glossy documents. That makes it great for certificates, magazines, or pro-graded images. 

Practical Editing Tools

For perfectionists, who can't approve a scanned file without proper edits, the ET18 brings a range of built-in editing tools such as standardization, rotation to any preferred angle, and professional cropping. You can also adjust the quality of the images, leading to accurate results. 

Cloud Connectivity and Storage 

This A3 scanner supports cloud and Wi-Fi connectivity for remote usage. Also, you have the opportunity to save about a file size of 10GB (equivalent to 150 sheets) in cloud storage. 

Five Unique Color Modes For Personal & Office Use 

Maybe the color of the photograph should be brighter or the greyscale of the scanned book does not seem right- do you ask yourself these questions after scanning using a traditional scanner? Well, it's assured that this won't happen when you use ET18, as the photo scanner has five color modes that tend to fit any form of document. The five modes include:  

  • Color
  • Patterns
  • Stamps
  • Grey Scale
  • Black & White (B&W)

When color modes are applied it brings uniformity to the scan, leading to hassle-free processing images. Let's say, you want to use it as a library book scanner for scanning a novel in a perfect way then B & W mode will cater to the desired results. 

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology

Find it difficult to convert pages after scanning in an ordinary scanner? It's a common problem faced by many. But, the optical character recognition (OCR) of this smart scanner makes it easy to convert files into Word, JPG, PDF, and TIFF format in a single click. Moreover, the OCR technology software supports over 180 languages and is useful for searching, editing, and storing files too. 

Pros and Cons of CZUR ET18 Pro Document Scanner 

Being a small desktop scanner of its own league, it does have some impressive benefits and a few drawbacks too. The pros & cons are highlighted below:


  • Innovative design that supports hands-free operation
  • Highly compact and portable and weighs only 2Kg 
  • Ideal for scanning both small business cards and largely bound books
  • Quick scanning, with an exceptionally high speed of 1.5 seconds 
  • Patented with CZUR's curve flattening technology (no need to unbound books) 
  • Easy on the pocket, making it good for professional & personal use 


  • Cloud software does get clunky as compared to PC

Final Verdict 

CZUR ET18 Pro will undoubtedly make you fall in love with scanning. Further, you can order it from any part of the world, as CZUR supports worldwide shipping. You won't only get the scanner, the package will contain innovative accessories like specialized finger cots, document pad, and power adapter too. The best part is that the scanner holds a warranty of 2 years, ensuring you shop with peace of mind. 

Why wait anymore, get your hands on the high-performing CZUR ET18 Pro and witness the difference it can make!