• How to Use Visual Presenter of CZUR Scanners in ZOOM

    How to Use Visual Presenter of CZUR Scanners in ZOOM
    Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, working/ studying from home have become the norm in many places. While it doesn't mean you have to reduce your working efficiency. Except for a more flexible time schedule and relaxing environment which you already have, an advanced product is crucial to boost productivity. Here is the CZUR scanner! Not only scanning, but also live visual presenting. With...
  • Do Scanners Come with Software? CZUR Aura Pro with easy-to-use Software

    The CZUR Aura Pro comes with a software that makes it seamless. Therefore, using the scanner becomes simple even for those who don't have knowledge using this scanner. So, today we cover this scanner by CZUR which is a fast scanner and uses its software. Scanners come with software, becoming more common. Scanners have come a long way. In the early days, the...
  • CZUR Shine Pro Hi-Tech Smart Document Scanner

    How do you preserve your old files? You might be one of the people who find it daunting to use a scanner due to the complicated process. If you are in that league, it’s time to relax. CZUR Shine Pro is one of the latest scanners that I find worth acquiring. The reason I recommend this scanner is its performance and a lot...
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