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Product Related Questions

LED lights. And you can apply for a replacement within the warrenty period.
For the glare and shadows on the photos, it is most likely caused by the light of the background. You are encouraged to improve the light of the background and we have different color mode for selecting when scanning.

Some users would balance out the light as follow:

1/ Turn off the builtin light and use a different lighting source

2/ Use both builtin light and different lighting source

3/ Just use ambient light

In general, indirect- angled light should serve you better. It doesn't have to be too bright necessarily.
CZUR Shine/ 500/ 800/ 800 A3 Pro is designed to be a document scanner. However, another series of Shine Ultra is patented with Curve- Flatten technology.
What cords do I need?Shine series use USB2.0 cable to connect to PC or laptop. This scanner is easy to set up and use. Download the latest drivers and software from the CZUR's website, just plug in the provided USB cable to the scanner and a USB port on your computer. Once hooked up, use the serial number from the scanner.
Yes, It is compatible with Zoom, Google Meets and any other video meeting program.
It includes a microphone, making it also suitable as a webcam for remote teaching/ conference without the need to install any other software.
Since it could be compatible with Zoom( Remote working and learning software) which allows you to use mouse wheel to zoom in while online teaching. You can't zoom in with scanner's camera..
It cannnot directly connect to a projector, instead, you can connect your computer with USB and project the visual presenter interface.
CZUR series connect computer with USB without using WI-FI, only ET18 Pro has WI-FI function which is for cloud storage. All the series are operating offline. There won't be any personal information/ data leakage issue caused by CZUR software.
Scans can be stored on the cloud. However, the software dosn't have any type of cloud storage.
CZUR Scanner can scan books/ documents up to or more than A3 in size.

Below are the instructions on how it is done:

1/ Raise the camera

2/ If you are not trying to split it into 2 pages, choose "Single flat page", make sure the book is right in the chosen yellow box.

3/ Hold the page flat.Watch for the laser lines which means it's taking the picture.

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