Which is the Best Portable Document Scanner to buy?


All over the world, the pandemic has confined offices to work from home setups. For home setups to be fully functional, employees must ensure the same technical compatibility as they would find in their offices. While computers are ubiquitous, it is also imperative to have a document scanner at home. The good news is that with smart professional scanners like CZUR Shine Ultra, there’s no need for a bulky and expensive flatbed scanner!

CZUR Shine Ultra scanner is a portable document scanner that you can use to complete all types of scanning jobs such as document scanning, book scanning and visiting card scanning. This best portable document scanner uses OCR technology to read the text written on a paper.

Part 1: Portable Document Scanners have become more popular

The work from home environment is here to stay. Notwithstanding the technical glitches of running a full official setup, many companies are seriously considering this option for the future. WFH has proved to be a mega cost-saver for companies, and it has fast become the new normal. In this perspective, the market for Professional Document Scanner has grown significantly in the last two years. 

Products like the Xerox Travel Scanner 100, the Doxie One, and the Brother DSMobile 620 have been popular. All these scanners exhibit proprietary software support to different degrees of efficiency. You need to evaluate several key aspects before buying a portable scanner. For example, you need to check whether the device is compatible with the OS of your computer. All models are typically compatible with Windows PC, but do they support Mac OS as well? 

Next, you need to check the service uniformity of a portable scanner. Does it scan all types of documents and images? Some of the above products specialize in document files, while others are best for images. How about the time when you need to scan the pages of a book? Is the software compatible with such functions? Comparing the product specs and other features definitely makes a strong case for the CZUR Shine Ultra.  

CZUR Shine Ultra-portable document scanner is a perfect device when it comes to entire book scanning. It uses patented curve flattening technology to read the text along the curve automatically. Being the best portable document scanner, it can scan 300 pages of a book in 10 minutes. This is a fabulous job that you can expect from a document scanner.

Part 2: CZUR Shine Ultra is the best portable document scanner

CZUR Shine Ultra is the best document scanner backed by its wide array of smart technologies.  It is a miracle worker for scanning books. As anyone with the experience of using traditional flatbed scanners for books knows, it is an exhausting exercise! First of all, the size is the problem. Due to its bulky size, you will have to bring books to the scanner and not the other way. This is where CZUR Shine Ultra trumps over its competitors. It weighs just one kg, and you can carry it anywhere you want, to the library, to a friend’s home, just anywhere. You also get a convenient ultra-safe PortaPack for carrying it when you order the product. 

CZUR Shine Ultra scanner can be carried in a bag to a site where you need to scan documents. This portable document scanner with a 24MP sensor can scan documents even in low light conditions. You will find it one of the best portable document scanner for being adjustable and foldable to meet any demand. 

You might say, what is so unique about it? After all, any portable home scanner can be carried comfortably in a backpack! Well, that’s true, but all those competitors don’t have the smart software and hardware support that this unit has. It is enabled with auto-focus and auto-detection of page-turning so that you get a legible copy every time! No more blurry scans there! Each page is scanned in within a second, and you know what, you can enjoy complete hands-free operation. This scanner comes with a cool foot pedal to speed up the scanning process. It is easily the fastest scanner in the market, digitizing an entire 300-page book in less than 10 minutes. 

Of course, like most other portable scanners out there, this product also has Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality. This functionality allows scanned pages to be converted into editable files, making the scanning work a great deal more convenient. By the way, do you know how many languages does it support? Prepare to get surprised! This document scanner supports as many as 180 different languages. That pretty much makes it an international product suitable for use in almost any native language. 

The best part of this portable scanner is probably the patented curve-flatten technology. Books and magazines naturally have curvatures. With other scanners, you have to flatten the books by hand to get a good scan, but not with this product. The patented technology automatically eliminates the influence of curves and creates the perfect scanned copies you can get. Not only that, other benefits of this scanner include correct position, removing the fingerprint, multi-target scanning, smart paging, and purify background.  These benefits of AI tech make it the best document scanner around. 

As technology improves and files can be sent electronically, it is less common to need a large-sized scanner or printer. The best choice for you and your company is a portable document scanner. You can scan documents with this best portable document scanner and take it on business trips.

It’s backed by powerful software making it one of the best products suitable for home. Here’s a roundup of all the actions that the software can do. 

  • Page-turning detection auto scan 
  • Smart tilt adjustment and auto-cropping
  • Combining the back and front sides to create a composite scan
  • Bar code and QR code recognition
  • Multi-business card smart cutting and splitting 
  • Intelligent completion of damaged pages
  • Generate PDF files in batch 
  • Add watermark
  • Language support in over 180 languages 

The scan quality is phenomenal. CZUR Shine Ultra(coupon code :CZUR20) can offer 13 full-sized megapixel hi-res scans at 340 DPI. It can not only scan books and documents but also a wide range of things such as your ID, passport, receipts, postal stamps, and bar codes. The camera can operate in multiple color modes. It is the perfect device to digitize and preserve the memories of great family moments, such as your kid’s first attempt at drawing. 

It is very easy to scan with this portable document scanner. First of all, put the document or book under the camera sensor and open the software on your laptop. You will see an indicator on your laptop screen. Adjust the document or book with the help of the indicator. Now press the capture button to scan the document with this best portable document scanner.

Furthermore, the product has a video recording feature that allows you to record the entire process of scanning. This is of great use to deliver official presentations or for teachers creating video tutorials for their students. The 13 MP camera is ZOOM compatible to hold video sessions. The product package you receive consists of a blackwork mat, a USB cable, a manual, a foot pedal, and a CD. The appliance is made of aluminum and is extremely durable. It looks too cool in black and is something that you would proudly want to display wherever you go. 


The CZUR Shine Ultra is by all counts a revolutionary product in portable document scanning. It has been clearly developed after a lot of research incorporating a host of amazing features into the product. Some of these features are unique, like the patented curve flatten technology, which is not to be found anywhere else. Armed with a 13 MP camera, it can deliver high-quality scans that meet your highest expectations. The product is available with a 12-month warranty.