What kind of scanner can I use to scan Magazines?

What kind of scanner can I use to scan Magazines?

Need for Scanning Machine

More than just an option, the world is continuously being digitalized and magazine scanning is one of the practices that we can’t do without again. But, why do you need a CZUR ET scanning machine? Kindly read on!

Professionally, magazine collectors will rarely do without scanning because it adds a new life to either old or damaged magazines and make them available in high-quality software format.  However, the CZUR ET series give the powerful quality that will make you gain a 10-times-better experience when compared with traditional scanning or picking a random scanner.

Not just that, the CZUR Et series is supper effective in capturing important content/ pictures on magazines without reducing their qualities. The scanners are best for photo scanning and they easily convert pictures to editable files in word/PDF/Excel/TIFF or JPG. Depends on your budget and specification preferences, the  ET16 plus series of CZUR ET has a 16magapixel camera without wifi, while the ET 18 plus comes with 18magapixels and wifi. However, both series are powerful.

Existing problems with scanning


Scanner users often encounter certain problems that have left them with negative impressions about scanning (during magazine scanning especially). Being conscious of the numerous challenges encountered by users, CZUR technology effectively approached and solved them in their series of scanning machines that are available in the market.


You will learn more about these problems and get to know why you should choose the CZUR Et series.

  • Random scanners, unlike CZUR scanners, are not effective for glossy shadow and glare
  • Old scanner users often experience color fading. However, with the two CZUR scanner’s high-quality supplementary lights and the ET18 pro feature, it is possible to capture content accurately on magazines.
  • Random scanners consume too much time as they capture pictures and content on glossy and semi-glossy paper slower than the CZUR CZUR ET series scanners are designed to capture 300 pages within 10mins. They have a scanning speed of 1.5s per page using the 32-bit MIPS CPU that comes with it.
  • Lastly, users of random scanners encounter hard-capturing despite the gutter's closeness to content and pictures. This doesn’t happen with the CZUR scanners.

Things you need to know


Do you think that you already know everything about the CZUR scanners? Obviously no! There are more exciting things to learn about the CZUR ET series. Kindly read further!

First, it is important to put into mind that traditional scanning is not just time-consuming; it is rigorous and difficult to get a satisfying scanning result. To avoid all the scanning headaches, CZUR tech developed the best scanners with the most important features that apply to users’ daily real-life experiences.


To start with, the CZUR ET series have a common feature of automatic smart paging and curve-flattering. The scanners come with a powerful book curve-flattering 2nd generation technology that helps in the automatic removal of the magazines' curvatures. By implication, you are not required to go through the rigor of adjusting the magazine edges to make them appear to flatten; the software automatically takes care of the task.


Another great thing about the CZUR scanners is the anti-reflection feature they possess using the LED and sidelights that come with them. This great feature makes it perfect for scanning glossy and semi-glossy magazines without making a part too light or dark.

 More, the CZUR ET series have amazing page auto-detect and scanning features. The scanners come with intelligent software that is super effective in auto-detecting page turns and taking captures effortlessly. With the effectiveness of the foot pedal, the CZUR scanners do not require your hands while auto-scanning.


Also, the CZUR scanner has a great finger cot removal feature with the combined efforts of the sidelights, intelligent image processing software, and 16MP/18MP HD camera making it possible for perfect capturing and trimming.


You will also find multiple operating modes with all flexible functionality to handle all your magazine-scanning projects interesting on the CZUR scanners. Part of the modes you will find highly useful includes the hand button, foot pedal, scanner button, and software button for easy capturing.  Also included is the ET Smart Book scanner which makes it possible for automatic page-turn detection and capturing.


Lastly to be discussed in this article is the great batch-edit and export futures of the CZUR ET series.  This feature makes it easy to capture multiple images with the need to enhance quality and depth color adjustment. Also, it is easy to compress and convert files in batches, such that it suits perfectly the required software format.

Tips for scanning magazine


While the CZUR ET series is the best scanner to capture any form of magazine irrespective of their shapes, color, etc., it is as well important to take note of some important tips that will make your experience superb while scanning magazines either as a magazine collector or a random scanner user. 

Remember that the scanners are designed to reduce reflection at the utmost? It is still good to take care of the following

  • Always ensure that your images are flat and unwrinkled while scanning. Since magazines are made with shining papers, it is still great to make them look smooth without any bumps, creases, and wrinkles so that all the parts will come out perfectly without the potentiality of a part coming out too dark or light.
  • Adequately improve the background light for effective capturing. You can achieve this simple task by making use of the indirect-angled light to achieve a good result. Also, ensure that the light isn’t too bright to avoid further complications.
  • Adjust to the right color modes while scanning your magazines. You can effectively switch between the colors and change the page to Black & White or color. Also, you can do a mix if the magazines have lots of photos with needs for different color modes.
  • Finally, you can easily revert to CZUR tech customer care service and receive a quick response if you encounter any challenges that have not been discussed here.

Without saying much, the ET series will make your magazine-scanning dream come to a reality with the utmost efficiency and convenience. It allows you to achieve an incredibly faultless quality while satisfying all your scanning needs at a high speed.  To cap it all, choosing the CZUR ET series is equivalent to making a cost-effective choice. So without breaking the bank, you can possess your CZUR scanner now! 

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