Top Tech Gifts for Graduates【2022】

Top Tech Gifts for Graduates【2022】 - CZUR TECH

Graduation day is actually a very big deal and never allow people to tell you otherwise. It is the day when you are finally rewarded for all the restless days and sleepless nights. It is your right and also an obligation of your parents and other loved ones to make you feel special on this day and to spoil you with all the fancy gifts available in the market.

High school graduation day also marks the start of your new journey and professional life so take this opportunity to relax your mind and enjoy every second before entering the chaotic professional life. If you or any of your loved ones is graduating this season then in this blog you will come to know about the fanciest yet useful gifts perfect for high-school graduation day.

So let’s find out!

1. A Wireless Headphone

This one is another very convenient gifting option. It is a handy option if you are living in a hostel room with a noisy roommate. Wireless headphones help to cancel noise and to help you focus on the important tasks that you are doing. It is also quite convenient to use because all you need to do is just put on the headphones and play your favorite relaxing music and that is all.

2. A Stylish PortaPack

This has to be the number 1 option in our list and there is a reason for that. As a fresh graduate, you need to carry not only your laptop but also your documents with you and that is why you need a backpack that is not only stylish but also lightweight, comfortable and splashproof.  CZUR New PortaPack is just the right kind of bag for you because it gives you the much-needed professional look without being heavy on your pocket. It comes with a one-year warranty in case of any manufacturing fault (which is very rare).

The company ships to more than 220 different countries across the globe and the good news is it offers free shipping to 40+ countries over $50 purchase. Just go to the list of countries and check if your country is included in that list.

3. Powerful Book Scanner

After graduation, you really need to plan your future like getting a stable job or even planning for higher studies, and all this needs a lot of hard work and book study. Purchasing books is not only an expensive option but they also occupy a lot of space and taking care of such books is another heavy task.

Going to a local library and spending most of your time there productively does seem a reliable and convenient option but you don't have enough time to read all the books and you cannot take them home either due to space constraints.

A book scanner is a reliable option because it is just a one-time investment and after that, you can easily access all the books on your computer with just a click. Some scanners (that I will talk about later in this blog) are so small and easy to carry that you can just put in your bag and use them in the library to scan the required pages of any thick books.

That is why I suggest purchasing a scanner that can meet all your needs and CZUR Shine Ultra and Shine Ultra Pro are just the right kind of products for you. These scanners are your best friends not only after your graduation but even after you enter your professional life. You can use them at the office to scan important documents and also to extract necessary information from a pile of data.  

  • Patented Curve-Flattening Technology: Automatically remove fingerprints and save time and energy for flattening pages.
  • Advanced OCR Technology: This feature enables to convert pages into editable files like word, excel, JPEG and searchable PDFs. It also helps to recognize 180+ languages.
  • Knob to adjust Brightness: The top portion of the scanner is equipped with LED lights that are used as a light source when shooting in darkroom.

Comparison between Shine Ultra and Ultra Pro

Shine Ultra                                                                 Shine Ultra Pro

13 megapixel                                                               24 megapixels

A4: 340dpi                                                                   A4: 440dpi

A3: 245dpi                                                                   A3: 320dpi

CZUR Shine Ultra and Shine Ultra Pro are an outstanding combination of both versatility and elegant design. It is portable with AI optimization and solid uni-body construction. It basically works with everything that you need scanning in your life such as:

  • Stamps
  • Drawings
  • QR Codes
  • Reciepts
  • ID Cards
  • Documents

Shine Ultra has the following functions that help to meet all your requirements:

  • HD Pixels
  • Video Recording
  • Auto Scan
  • AI optimization
  • Adjustable Height
  • Portability
  • Curve Flattening Technology
  • 1 Sec per page
4. Smart Speaker

A smart speaker is a smart audio playback device that uses different connectivity for additional functions. Smart speakers are powered by a virtual assistant and that is why they are able to answer questions, set timers alarms, and also reminders. This particular device is also helpful in playing your favorite radio station, podcast as well as playlist.