Remote Work- How to Create a Workspace in Your Van

Remote Work- How to Create a Workspace in Your Van

Are you looking for interesting and comfortable ways to balance work life with your love for traveling? If yes, then van life can be a welcome alternative for you. This is a nomadic kind of lifestyle where you live in a well-equipped van and carry out your professional responsibilities in a mobile workspace. Not to mention, your urge of discovering new places is also not compromised.

What Is Remote Work?

Going to the literal meaning, remote work means working from a distance. It is a popular workflow culture in professional environments and business spaces. Employees work from a location other than a centrally-operated corporation. Such spaces can be the worker’s home, private office, shared or co-working spaces, etc.

Remote working flexibility brings a host of benefits to employers and workers. Some of the prominent ones include hiring and recruiting advantages, productivity improvements, and eliminated commuting times. Looking back to the pandemic period, the practice went a long way in ensuring the health and safety of working professionals.

Is Remote Work Right for You?

The concept of working remotely while traveling can appear exciting and adventurous. However, it would be wise to go through a self-analysis before choosing to work on the road. For instance, you should be comfortable working alone, while being self-directed. Possessing excellent communication skills is also a must. You should be able to maintain a healthy work-life balance and your organization should offer a profitable remote work culture.


  • A better work-life balance is maintained
  • Improves productivity by eliminating commutes and lengthy physical meetings
  • Removal of traffic and tiredness issues promotes timeliness
  • Cloud-based operations and small office spaces are cost-effective outcomes
  • Flexibility to work from anywhere puts forward a deeper candidate pool for employers


  • Distractions in informal spaces can hinder workflow
  • Unsafe networking can pose cyber security concerns

5 Common Digital Nomad Works

The commonest digital nomads' works are listed below:

  1. Content Creator: If you love imagination and new ideas, being a little creative with your pen, voice, and communication can be quite profitable.
  1. Travel Writer: Satisfy your love for writing by rendering your services to online sites, web portals, and media handles.
  1. Community Manager: Handle the digital channels and social media accounts of companies while you enjoy traveling.
  1. Photographer: This sounds perfect for a traveler who has excellent image-capturing skills.
  1. Graphic Designer: Design digital artwork such as logos, brochures, etc., for different companies.

How to Create a Workspace in Your Van?

Pondering how to create a workspace? Here’s how you can proceed:

  • Foldout Desk

This is a must-have utility for remote workers. These quickly foldable utilities are compact enough to fit in the smallest spaces. You can set them up with utmost ease, without those messy assembly requirements. This becomes greatly convenient when setting your workspace in a van, since you may not get an expansive space to set up large tables.

  • Monitor

Monitors are important for a host of office applications, or you can say everything you would do on a system. Installing a desktop system in a van can be space-demanding. The need for monitors can be fulfilled through laptops and compact PCs. These are necessary to connect with your colleagues as well.

  • Portable Document Scanner- CZUR Shine Ultra Pro

A portable scanner is necessary for sharing data and information with fellow workers in digital format. When making a choice, you can pick the CZUR Shine Ultra Pro scanner for maximum productivity. The device is a reliable utility for professional usage on account of the following features:

  • 24MP High-Quality Camera

The scanner has a high-quality 24-MP camera with a CMOS sensor for capturing the clearest images in ultra-high definition. The device has a wide capture area for scanning A3-sized pages.

  • Curve Flattening Technology

The scanner’s curve-flattening technology can flatten curved ends of documents and old book pages for accurate and high-quality scanning. The feature of automated page turning adds to the advantage

  • Portability Design

The device comes in a sleek and foldable design to fit in the most compact spaces. You can make height adjustments for expanding the scan area and setup flexibility. This feature makes this scanner an ideal utility for remote work.

  • 1s/Page Scan Speed

You will be amazed by the high-speed scanning process of this device. It demonstrates excellent efficiency by scanning a single page in 1 second.

  • OCR Software Available

The scanner has an ABBYY-powered OCR technology for creating searchable and editable documents in a host of popular file formats. The technology supports more than 180 languages for your convenience.


How Does The Shine Ultra Pro Scanner Work?

  1. Take the scanner out from the packaging and open its lid.
  2. Adjust the black mat on a flat surface.
  3. Plug in the power cable.
  4. Connect the device to a PC using a USB cable.
  5. Attach the pedal with the scanner.
  6. Turn on the scanner’s light to avoid camera shadows.
  7. Press the knob for 1.5 seconds to get a constant Blue light.
  8. Launch the Shine Ultra Pro software and begin scanning.
  • LED Lighting

LED lighting is necessary for the proper illumination of your remote working setup in a van. Make sure you select a rod or bulb with proper intensity. While too dim lights may pose vision difficulties, lights with an extra glare can harm your eyes.

  • Wi-Fi

Internet connectivity is essential for communicating with employers and colleagues while working on travel. This is also necessary for working with online tools and interaction platforms. Keeping the facility ready ensures a smooth workflow while you explore new destinations. You can also use the Wi-Fi services for entertainment after work.

  • Espresso Machine

Coffee is a real stress buster that keeps you going amid long working hours. Having an Espresso machine at hand can satisfy your mid-work coffee urges. Locating fancy café and restaurants is not always handy during travel. The beverage machine is a welcome rescue indeed.

  • Smart Notebook

Smart Notebook is a desktop-based lesson maker and delivery tool with a diverse range of subject-oriented and interactive content. You can prepare informative lessons for sharing productive views and ideas with employees using the CZUR Purify Smart Notebook.


Remote working is a refreshing concept for breaking the monotonous office routine. Traveling and working can go hand-in-hand with a little effort. All you need is a suitable space, maybe a van, and a few professional utilities and that’s it! Your remote working setup is ready! You can easily handle office work while relaxing at your favorite destination.