Must-Have Tools for Business Travelers

Must-Have Tools for Business Travelers

Cross-border business prospects often require professionals to travel long distances for several months or even years. Such business travelers regularly come across the inconvenience of including the right utilities in their packing list. Here's a collection of some handy essentials you can pick to make business trips a lot easier and more relaxing than ever.

5 Must-Have Essentials on Business Trips

  1. Power Bank

Power banks are portable charging devices to keep your smartphone powered up during travel. These compact utilities come with a USB cable for quick charging. You can carry them in your travel bag to never run out of battery during long traveling hours and important business calls.

Features You May Like

  • These are lightweight devices that fit comfortably in your bag without adding to the luggage weight.
  • You can enjoy uninterrupted device usage for professional and entertainment needs during travel.
  • These devices render extensive power backups in the order of 10-20k mAh for charging your device multiple times.
  • Modern-day power banks can support simultaneous charging of 2-3 devices for greater convenience during travel.
  1. Smart Pad/ Laptop Lock

Smart pads and laptop locks are absolute necessities for business travelers for a safe keep of business data and other confidential information. These utilities prevent your laptop from theft in case you leave it unattended in public places.

Features You May Like

  • Laptop locks secure your device to desks, tables, etc., to block swift movement.
  • You can conveniently pack these compact gadgets in your travel bag without them getting noticed.
  • These laptop protection utilities are inexpensive and long-lasting, with easy availability in online and physical stores.
  • These durable gadgets are break-resistant and can safely withstand tool blows.
  1. Portable Scanner

Business travelers have a constant need for data documentation for keeping records of the regular workflow. This scenario puts forward diverse requirements for scanning documents or converting them into different file formats. This is necessary for the seamless storage, modification, and sharing of business information among clients and colleagues. Carrying a portable scanner on your business trip is a one-stop solution to the aforesaid concerns.

Portable scanners are quick and convenient ways to digitize large, files and even books. You can use them to convert physical copies of your professional documents into electronically accessible formats, such as PDFs. These devices facilitate a high-resolution scanning of files within seconds to save a lot of your precious time and energy. Having them along, you will never need extra baggage to carry your official documents.

When looking for an affordable pick of a portable scanner for your next business trip, you can count on the CZUR Shine Ultra Pro scanner. The device comes with some reliable advantages for professional usage.

Shine Ultra Pro

The Shine Ultra Pro is an excellent entry in CZUR’s Ultra Shine series of professional scanners. The utility promises high-quality document scanning with its technologically advanced Sony CMOS sensors. The utility can scan and convert your office files into PDF documents with ultra-high definition clarity.

Features You May Like

  • Document Transfer (Up To A3 Size)

The A3-sized wide capture area facilitates a convenient scanning of large-sized pages, with a thickness range of 10 mm. You can hence, conveniently scan and transfer the largest business documents with utmost ease. The large size never hampers the clarity and resolution of the transferred files.

  • Multi-Business Card Smart Scan

This portable scanner can also scan multiple business cards together for quick access and conversion. You can make use of the facility to create digital copies of these documents for information transfer in times of need.

  • Portability & Foldable Design- Space Saving

The Shine Ultra Pro scanner is a space-saving device, thanks to its foldable design. You can easily adjust the utility in compact spaces by folding it through the arm. The lightweight design makes this scanner conveniently portable. The capability of adjusting to different heights makes it additionally advantageous.

  • OCR Support 180+ Languages

The OCR functionality of this scanner allows you to convert office documents into searchable and editable PDF files. The scanner also provides you lifetime free access to transform PDFs into formats like Word, Excel, etc., for free. The device supports over 180 conversion languages for cross-border business requirements.

  1. Portable Coffee Machine

Traveling and coffee is a welcome pair. When packing for a business trip, this is a must-have gadget in your bag. These ready-to-go containers make coffee brewing as simple as winking the eye. All you need to do is, add some ground coffee and hot water, and a quick shake is enough for enjoying a delicious beverage.

Features You May Like

  • These are highly portable and compact, with a convenient fit in your travel bag.
  • You can get a freshly prepared cup of coffee in quick travel breaks without much ado.
  • The facility to get a refreshing cup of your favorite coffee, anytime and anywhere is true bliss.
  • Preparing coffee in this machine is a cheaper alternative for high-priced café beverages.
  1. Adjustable Travel Pillow

Taking long flights on business trips can be exhaustive. If you are on an overnight journey, sleeping in an upright position can cause pain in the neck and shoulders. Carrying an adjustable pillow in your travel kit can be a rescue from these issues.

Features You May Like

  • A travel pillow helps you to avoid the discomforts of fatigue and a stiff neck.
  • You can combat the issues of snoring and sleep apnea, which can be quite disturbing for fellow travelers as well.
  • You can use them for relaxing activities during travel, like reading, surfing a smartphone, etc.


Business travels can be long and tiring events. When taking on the go, you can make things a lot easier by carrying a few smart gadgets and utilities in your travel kit. If you are finding it hard to decide, take a look at the must-have business traveling tools discussed above. You will forward to the next trip with enthusiasm for sure!