How to Use Visual Presenter of CZUR Scanners in ZOOM

How to Use Visual Presenter of CZUR Scanners in ZOOM - CZUR TECH
Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, working/ studying from home have become the norm in many places. While it doesn't mean you have to reduce your working efficiency. Except for a more flexible time schedule and relaxing environment which you already have, an advanced product is crucial to boost productivity. Here is the CZUR scanner!
Not only scanning, but also live visual presenting. With the built-in Visual Presenter function of the CZUR scanner, you can show manuscripts or documents live to  participants when hosting a meeting or teaching online.
So let me introduce how to use the Visual Presenter function in ZOOM. Here we go!
Step1. Connecting 
Join a meeting like you used to do with Apps such as ZOOM, Skype, GoogleMeets,etc. 
Open the CZUR software
Click “Share Screen”, and you’ll see the “CZUR” option. Choose  “CZUR” to share
Meeting participants will see the interface of CZUR software synchronous
Step2. Live Presenting
Click “Visual Presenter
Presenting documents, manuscripts, or doing some action shows. Members will see what you are doing clearly and live.
- Marking -
Add marks using built-in marking tools without damaging the original ones. 
  • Hosting a meeting: Some important documents cannot be modified, write something down and you don’t have to worry about leaving marks on it .
  • Online teaching: Circle the ongoing contents, underline the point, which are the keys to keep students catching up the teaching.

- Video Recording -
Follow the steps and click the logo as the picture below shows
Record the presenting process, never missing any details.
  • For participants: Some points may be over in the blink of an eye. With the backup of the video recording, the fuzzy or crucial parts can be reviewed over and over again.
  • For the presenter: Make lesson collections by recording the video. You can not only review your performance and do a better job next time, but also save plenty of time on explaining the same questions.
Grab a chance to build strong interaction and boost productivity with the CZUR scanner!
* Check the tutorial video below:
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