How to Choose the Best Scanner for Your Work?

How to Choose the Best Scanner for Your Work? - CZUR TECH

Whether you want to use a scanner at home for your personal tasks or at work for business, scanners are considered multi-functional devices that can efficiently improve workflow and limit paper documents. If you have taken the decision to move towards a paperless work environment by getting a scanner then there are a variety of brands and styles to choose from.

When buying a scanner you have to consider different questions such as:

  • Space available for your scanner
  • How many DPI you need?
  • Your budget?
  • Your preference: Scanning material

Apart from these, you must consider the different specifications of your required scanner. The specs of a scanner determine the overall efficiency of a given scanner and that is why you must consider them and do thorough research. Below I mentioned some of the most important ones for you to consider:

  • Scanning Technology
  • Color Depth
  • Maximum optical resolution
  • Maximum document size
  • File compression: TIFF, JPEG
  • File form output: PDF, searchable PDF, Word, TIFF, JPEG

Scanners, as I mentioned earlier, are used for multiple functions. Some are suitable for book scanning, others for document scanning, some for picture scanning and then there are some that are used for multiple purposes. Below I have mentioned all of these in detail.

Document Scanning

Document scanning sometimes requires very skillful handling especially if the document carries some sensitive information or valuable pictures. You cannot just pick a random scanner and do your work; rather you need a scanner that can do the job with 100% accuracy without even compromising the quality. For this purpose, CZUR company has introduced a variety of scanners, each with its own unique features and versatile style.

The CZUR scanners like Shine Ultra, Shine Ultra Pro, and Aura series are designed to meet all these requirements. All these scanners are unique in their style and all of them are portable which means that you can carry them anywhere you want.  

OCR Technology

These scanners have efficient OCR technology which is helpful in extracting data from written/printed text from an image file/scanned document. Then this text is converted into a machine-readable form in order to be used for processing the data such as searching and editing. This technology helps to convert scanned images into searchable PDF and editable word and excel formats. OCR technology supports almost 185 different languages.  

The shine ultra pro is designed as a high-quality document scanner with outstanding portability, 90° foldable and also height adjustable. It is most specifically designed for remote teaching as well as learning users and office users for presentations and web conferences. Due to its curve-flattening algorithm, it is more suitable for book and another thick document scanning.

Knob for adjusting brightness

The top portion of this scanner is equipped with LED lights which are used as auxiliary light sources when shooting in a dim/darkroom.

Max Capture Size A3

It can scan any document within A3 size(except for the Shine Pro series). This amazing scanner helps to scan contracts, photo albums, and menus without any problem.


The scanner is equipped with other functions such as automatic cropping, background purification and also combining back and front sides which means that it is designed to meet almost every scanning need.

Fast Scanning

The automatic continuous scanning with a period time setting helps to scan one page in 1sec as compared to traditional scanners. This feature helps to scan the pages without even the need to remove staples.

Book Scanning

The CZUR scanner comes with a variety of designs and features. Each of these designs is made with utmost care and research to make them suitable for the assigned tasks. The ET series is specifically designed for scanning books due to the following features:

Curve flattening Tech

This technology is helpful in automatically correcting and flattening the curve distortion of thick books. The ET series book scanner understands the book capture moment using laser beams and recognizes what is happening for the laser to hit a target come back.

The smart system is built based on laser sensor data and applied for page-turning detection, page curve detection, and position detection and then they are processed automatically before outputting. When scanning, the laser array moves across the book page that automatically detects the 3D shape and also angle of the pages. All the detailed information is then transferred to the software immediately and that is how book curves are flattened.

High-speed scanning and Brightness Adjustability

The scanner is ideal for scanning heavy books easily. Each scanning takes almost 1.5 seconds without compromising the quality. The Aura series also enables adjustments for 4 levels of brightness in the surroundings.


 It has additional sidelights in order to evenly illuminate the documents and prevent any sort of reflection. This feature is helpful in scanning glossy papers like magazines and pictures.

OCR Technology and Book Scanning

This technology is helpful in creating searchable PDFs and editable word and excels files. For scanning thick books this is extremely helpful because finding important/relevant information in the huge text is extremely easy using OCR technology. With this tech the scanned docs, PDFs, and images are converted into searchable information and the final product looks like the original document.

Digital files in multiple forms

The CZUR scanners can generate various data formats. The final document can be saved in Word, PDF, Excel, TIFF and JPG.

Picture Scanning

The ET series and the Aura series will help you to power all your digitization projects with much versatility and simplicity. These scanners come up with image trimming and color adjusting tools which helps in a sleek finishing of the pictures.

Apart from this the ET and the Aura series are the best options for picture scanning because they have sidelights installed which help to prevent gloss due to the anti-reflection properties. The ET18 has 18 megapixels with 275 dpi which makes it an ideal scanner for picture scanning.  It also takes 1.5s/pictures which is an ideal time for scanning pictures especially if you have them in bulk.

Other Functions

Visual presenter: This smart scanner is able to capture any type of movement under the camera and that is why it generates video from real-time operations and also presentations for sharing and saving.