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CZUR Shine Pro

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*Use Case & Speed: Designed for A3&A4(11.69*16.53 & 8.27*11.75 inch) document, any objects smaller than A3 size can be scanned with Ultra-fast scanning speed, less than 1 second per page. Perfect device to scan FLAT papers (NOT FOR BOOKS) or for remote teaching, learning and meetings.

*Document Camera & Scanner: Work as both a document camera for remote teaching&learning compatible with ZOOM and a document scanner to scan papers and convert/OCR files. Able to scan 180+ languages and convert to JPG, PDF, Searchable PDF, Word, Excel and TIFF powered by ABBYY

*High Resolution & AI Tech: CMOS 8MP (3264*2448, A4: 270;A3: 205 DPI) camera. Smart Paging and Auto Cropping, Combine Sides, Stamp Mode, and Multiple Color Modes

*Height Adjustable & Portable: 2-level height adjustable neck. 90 degree foldable and lightweight 4 lbs with foot pedal for convenient operation.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Richard Turmel
Performs well but some issues

The scanner has a great design. The software is easy to use. It is quick to take pictures and process images. The light does not provide even coverage but it avoids shadowing in the right places.

Picture quality is not as good as I expected but for my usage it is doing good enough (I import sketches to go over with digital ink). With some tuning it provides usable images. Image processing has to be adjusted as well. (see attached pictures vs iPhone 11).

Batch processing is a nice feature. And the usage as a "live" camera with microphone make is more versatile.

On the plus side also, the OCR is excellent from my tests but it is not something I use it for. I was impressed with the results.

My main issue: When I connect the scanner to my Macbook Pro (2018, OS: 11.3.1) and use the Shine software (2.1.3) the process « icdd » (Image Capture Device Database) starts using 100% of my CPU. Even after I disconnect the scanner and close the application. I have to reboot after every use to return to normal. This is quite annoying and prevents me from using it more.

I hope this gets fixed in future releases. This is one big show stopper for my to use it to "live stream" drawings. CPU goes through the roof, fans starts blowing and the rest of the system slows down.

Thank you for reading this far... :-)

Great scanner. Very good quality scan and super fast.

This scanner works very well and I like the added lighting it provides for obtaining good scan quality. The foot pedal is a nice touch if one is scanning a lot of different pages or documents as you don't need to be at the keyboard while performing the task. The quality of the scanner build is very good. While technically it is portable as it folds up, it is a bit bulky and heavy for small laptop/tablet briefcases or bags. Nevertheless, it is portable compared to standard multifunction printers and dedicated flatbed scanners.

Setup of the hardware is easy. A usb cable for connecting to the computer is provided as well as the foot pedal control. The scan is instant as it is camera driven. The hardware is of very good quality. They even provide a black mat for a background for the items being scanned with a cutout for the scanning device. If you need it raised for larger scans than it was designed for, you would have to raise the unit manually by placing items, such as books or other flat objects, under the base.

I downloaded the CZUR Shine app from their support site to have the latest version (see images). It is not the most intuitive or smoothest to use but it works well. The scanner automatically zeroed in on the manual pages I was scanning for my test and outlined the target. I used the foot pedal to trigger scans and all worked well.

This scanner is ideal for mass or frequent scanning needs or for scanning items that do not lend themselves to a standard scanner or multifunction printer. I certainly appreciate the ease and speed of use compared to the older technologies.

Overall, I prefer this scanner for scanning purposes to other types of scanners I own including the portable wand type.

I absolutely love this for remote learning ( middle school teacher)

It was really easy to set up. The quality of the scans are crystal clear in both color and black and white. It can be used as a scanner and a document camera as well. This is the first time that i use a document camera and I don't have the annoying rotation issues. I love the foot pedal option, and I also take live math videos during math instruction and then post the videos on google classroom so the students can rewatch for guidance. I was hesistant to purchase this because of the price, but it is a great investment, and saves me so much time during remote learning.

Cool and effective alternative to traditional scanners

I run a tax preparation office and am working on switching to all digital records. I've been using this scanner for about a month or two and love it so far.

It looks sleek which was somewhat important because I keep it on my desk. When I meet with clients and enter their documents into their tax returns, all I have to do is set the document down under the scanner and they are automatically scanned into my system. This is especially helpful because many tax documents are irregular in size and would need to be scanned one at a time on a flat bed scanner.

This has been a huge time saver and clients have remarked how cool it is as they see it in action.

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