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*Use Case & Speed: Aura is a portable scanner with a scanning speed of 2 sec/page. Perfect choice if you need to bring it around (portable, lightweight with a battery) or for home use (stylish design, digitize your own book collections, and use it as a desk lamp).

*Patented Book Curve Flattening Technology: Removes the curvature of books in CZUR's software. No need to flatten the page curves by hand.

* Fast Scanning Speed+Supplemental Side Lights: Ultra-fast scanning speed from Aura’s high configuration software. Only 2sec/page for both single sheets and double page books. Able to scan any size material smaller than A3. 2 Supplemental Side Lights are included to create an enhanced light environment to avoid reflection on glossy papers.

* Auto-Detect Page Turn and Auto Scan: Intelligent software auto-detects page turn and can trigger scan automatically for effortless scanning.The convenient foot pedal can also be used to trigger scanning, while it frees your hands.

*High Resolution & AI Tech: CMOS 14MP (4160*3120, A4≈340 AND A3≈245 DPI) camera. Smart Paging and Auto Cropping, Combine Sides, Stamp Mode, and Multiple Color Modes

* Multifunctional Desk Lamp: 4 color modes for both family and office use six brightness levels. Dual color temperature LEDs prevent eye fatigue.


Please scroll to the bottom of the page for the most detailed spec info

Scannable Items Docs, Books, Photos, Papers
Sensor HD CMOS lens
Output Format
JPG, PDF, Word, Excel
Pixels 14 Megapixels
Resolution 4320*3240
DPI (by default) 240
Scanning Range Single sheet ≤A3; bound books ≤A4
Scanning Speed 2.0 sec/page
Color Bit Depth 24 bits


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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Alexander Todorov
Improve the software

I hope you can improve the software so it can better recognize the borders of the book. Look for example piQx XCANEX. It's a lot faster to scan the books even without a pedal

Jakub Winkler
Good with some reservations

The scanner is well made and works well for regular paper. I was heaving difficoulty scanning books with glosier paper even when employing the additional light from a different angle (but still managed it even though the quality is worse than for normal paper). I was not able to get the scanner working with my M1 MacBook Pro with MacOS Monterey and the support let me know that it should be fixed within 6 month (not really the timeframe that I was hopping for). Had to use the scanner with my wife’s Intel Mac. If the mentioned issues are of no concer to you than I can easily recommend.

Chris Reaves
Great product

Easy to set up and use, did a 100 page book in about 45 minutes

Johne Doe
Great except pdf file size

File Size gets really big fast and its odd that it is larger without ocr… Otherwise great product!

Kees Dekorver

Am very happy with the Aura. Close to perfect for my use in the office and at home. The fact that it also functions as a Desk lamp made it easy to select this model. It is both portable and functional. The only reason why I did not give it a 5 star rating was that this lamp should have the ability to charge phones well. Combine power supply with USB port for charging mobile phone and or tablet

Scan All Types of Documents,
Especially Thick Books, With Ease

The Aura scans flat single pages as well as bound books and documents simply and easily.      
Its revolutionary “Book Curve Flattening” technology solves the problem of having to unbind books before scanning.

         Proprietary AI Algorithm and Software Technology
Ensures an Effortless Scanning Experience

CZUR’s Proprietary “Book Curve Flattening” technology utilizes three precise laser lines for incredible scanning accuracy and image clarity.
This gives the Aura the ability to scan and exactly replicate the individual flat pages of curved books.
AI technology incorporated in the software makes scanning and image processing smarter and simpler.

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