CZUR Aura Pro: Ultra-High-Speed Portable Documents Scanner

A scanner has uncountable functions. But you only enjoy using a scanner if it has innovative features. With the new breed of smart scanners like Aura Pro, there is assurance of ease of use, portability, and quality scans.

If you want to ditch your old scanner, I have a surprise for you. A new high-quality book scanner that captures anything at lightning speed.

Why Do You Need to Buy a Scanner?

  • Digitization of books, old photos, E-Books, and files
  • One of the reasons why scanners are essential in daily lives is digitization. When you have old photos, drawings, documents, and files, converting them to digital format is vital.

    Scanning these days ensures you can store different content in pristine condition. Especially, photos are great for preserving memories without affecting the quality.

    A document scanner like Aura Pro perfect for scanning a wide range of documents and objects.

  • Reduction of paperwork in your office 
  • Having a high- quality scanner is essential. You can convert your documents into high-quality scans. A  scanner is always crucial and affects the quality of scanned documents. 

    Converting photos, documents and E-Books reduces the number of papers in your working space. Also, it is easy to preserve original quality even after years. 

  • Optical character recognition technology 
  • When you buy a high-quality scanner, it has a lot of features. One of the notable ones is optical character recognition (OCR). 

    When your scanner has OCR, it enables it to convert your documents into different formats. Word processing software allows the device to edit and save scans in word, excel, or other forms.  

    What Are Important Qualities to Look for in a Scanner?

  • Resolution and color depth 
  • Suppose you want to scan high-quality books, resolution is one of the qualities to look at in a scanner. Resolution is the amount of information your scanner can capture. Expressed in dots per inch (DPI), it's an important feature. 

    The more DPI in a document scanner, the more it can capture high-quality scans. A standard scanner has 300dpi, although you can get one with 600dpi for crisper scans.

    For super duty scanning like in photography, some scanners can have up to 6,400 dpi. However, for standard scanning, 300-600dpi is enough for office and personal use. 

  • Curve flattening technology 
  • When you are scanning bound books, some scanners don’t flatten the book curve. It’s a problem, especially when scanning large books. 

    Modern smart document scanners have book curvature flattening technology. A document scanner with such technology poses complex AI software. They allow the device to detect and flatten the book hence saving great quality document scans.


  • Color depth 
  • Scanners these days can scan color pictures and documents. The color depth in scanners is measured in bits. Modern scanners have a color range of 23-48 bits. This means they can detect 16 million colors for 24 bits scanner. 

    Although 48 bits scanners have deeper colors, human eyes can’t differentiate from 24bits. But, the more bits, the better your scanner is. 

    Why Is the CZUR Aura Pro a High-quality Scanner?

     These are the reasons I consider Aura pro to be a high-quality document scanner. 

  • Super-fast scanning speed 
  • If you want to experience real speed, this is the scanner to buy. It boasts high processing power, which allows super speed. Powerful processor, 34 bits, and efficient, safe class1 laser allow for quick scanning. 

    Aura Pro has a relaxing speed of 2 seconds per page. Whether it’s single or double-page, it takes a flash of lightning, and the scan is complete. 

  • Comfortable on your eyes 
  • Some of the scanners on the market leave your eyes aching due to  harsh light. This is why this scanner is one of the safest for your eyes. It has four color temperatures which enable easy operations. The color temperature ranges from Natural (4800), reading (4800K), computer (3000K), to cold night light. With these color modes, using this scanner is super exciting.

  • Preview before scanning function 
  • When you scan your documents or object, you don’t need to look at the computer screen. You can check your document orientation on the preview screen. 

    The 2 inches LED screen allows you to view the document or object before scanning. Therefore, you can correct the document position for perfect positioning. 

  • Various sizes to scan 
  • With some scanners, you can only scan standard-sized documents; that is, A4. However, there is more flexibility when you have this device. It can scan anything that is A3 and below. 

    With such versatility in your hands, it’s now possible to scan magazines, newspapers, and smaller objects. 

  • Latest AI technology in the market 
  •  The analog age is gone when scanning was a nightmare. The ability to scan high-quality documents lies on technology these days. It is what you get when you have Aura Pro. 

    It comes with AI technology that enables automated functions. The device gives you the power to detect page turning, tilted documents, and crops unwanted parts. 

    What Are the Differences Between CZUR Aura Pro and Other Old Scanners? 

  • Compact and portable design 
  • When you take a traditional scanner, it is either flatbed or sheet-fed. The designs aren’t space-saving. However, when you get Aura Pro, you can arrange your working desk neatly.

    【The overhead design means there is more flexibility in space-saving and portability. Actually,  the optimized designenables it to be a portable scanner. 

    Collapsibility and compact nature allow easy carrying and also save space your space. 】----semantic repetition

    Whether the scanner is for personal or professional use, you will enjoy less space requirement.

  • Ease of use
  • Aura Pro, despite performing complex tasks, is a simple-to-use scanner. It’s one of the user-friendly document scanners you can get on the market. 

    It has AI technology which is handy when operating. Whether it’s scanning or connecting, there are no struggles. The scanner has auto-detecting technology, which corrects tilt, deletes fingerprints, and allows auto-scans. 

    Besides,    it’s connected via USB and can work with Windows and Mac OS. The foot pedal further makes your scanning simple and hands-free.

  • Smart sound controll function 
  •  Forget about the old ways of controlling scanner brightness. Working with this scanner brings joy and modernity.   You can use the scanner as a table lamp  during scanning. 

    When using this scanner, the brightness control  can through sound prompts. The relevant noise within 10 feet affects the brightness of the lamp. Additionally, multiple color temperature keeps the eyes safe and free from fatigue. 

    Aura Pro offers six brightness levels. 

  • Aura Pro saves your time 
  • Scanning your documents using this scanner is enjoyable and seamless. (Not only is the quality unmatchable but, the speed is thrilling.--- weird) With 2 seconds per page, scanning a whole book takes no time.

    The ability to scan double pages, auto flatten pages, and accommodate everything up to A3 saves you time. It doesn’t matter what you are scanning, the speed blast. 

    (In other scanners), you have to bear with the slow pace and other time-consuming processes. 

    Summary: Aura Pro Will help you scan highly quality books and other documents 

    As we have seen, this Aura Pro is not a trial and error. It is a good choice scanner that guarantees quality and performance. Whether you need it for home, office or professional use, it a tried equipment.

    With this scanner, it is possible to make high-quality scans. Whether it is books, photos, or others, you can now enjoy digital memories stress-free.