Which is the Fastest Document Scanner?

For the past year, every company has adopted a new way of working. The companies are encouraging workers to work from home. But this comes with a considerable challenge. You require specific and ergonomic devices. A vital device you need is a home scanner. But not an ordinary scanner but a faster scanner with advanced technology.

The best home scanner you can purchase right now for you working from home is the CZUR CZUR Shine Ultra. When comparing it to other scanners like the flatbed, portable, all-in-one, and sheet-fed scanners, the CZUR Shine Ultra is the fastest scanner.

That being the case, why should you purchase this scanner? But before that, I will introduce some vital information to understand why we rank CZUR Shine Ultra as the fastest scanner.

What Kind of Scanner will be Suitable for Working from Home?

There are various scanners you can buy as you are working from home. They include;

  • Flatbed scanner
  • Sheet-fed scanner
  • Portable scanner
  • All-in-one scanner

All these scanners convert documents or books into digital forms that you can edit and store in various formats like PDF, Word, JPG, and more. Additionally, they enable you to transfer and share documents via social media platforms.

1. Flatbed Scanner

As its name suggests, a flatbed scanner uses a flat surface to scan different documents. You don’t have to move the documents as you can, but it captures all the details on the document.

2. Sheet-fed Scanner

Also known as an automatic document scanner. This is a type of scanner that works best for office work. To use this scanner, you place your sheet of paper on the sheet feeder, and it passes through the scanner’s imaging sensor to the output tray.

As you are working from home, such a scanner can be a challenge to use as you may need to scan books or large documents. So, when you have a sheet-fed scanner, you must tear the book or document to perform scanning.

3. Portable or Handheld Scanner

This portable or handheld scanner is a type of scanner that requires you to move it over a document you are capturing. A handheld scanner is light and affordable than the other types of scanners.

4.All-in-One Scanner

An all-in-one scanner is a device that does various functions such as printing, photocopying, and faxing. To use this scanner, you need to install software on your computer to scan your document.

When you compare these scanners to the CZUR Shine Ultra.  They have many more numerous drawbacks than the CZUR Shine Ultra. Whether software or hardware of CZUR Shine Ultra, they all have more advantageous

Such features are not available in the above scanners. Thus, making the CZUR a book and document scanner is the perfect scanner for working or studying from home.

Why is the CZUR Shine Ultra the Fastest Scanner?

After familiarizing yourself with the four types of scanners, we want to inform you why the CZUR CZUR Shine Ultra is the fastest scanner. This is more like detailing the features of the CZUR Shine Ultra.

They comprise of:

OCR and Curve Flatten Technology

Optical character recognition or OCR is an advanced technology embedded in this scanner that ensures clear scans. Additionally, the OCR in the CZUR Shine Ultra recognizes up to 180 plus languages enabling you to edit scanned files easily.

Scanning books or large documents can be challenging when using other types of scanners, but when you use this CZUR scanner, it will allow you to scan them without unbinding the book or document.

This is because it uses the curve flatten technology. So, it captures all details on both sides of your book and removes a flat scanned file without curves.

Scanning Mode “Photo Capturing”

Unlike traditional scanners that use a laser to scan documents, the CZUR Shine Ultra uses photo capturing as a mode of scanning. This makes it unique and fast to scan documents and books as you work from home.

Scanning Speed

How long does it take you to scan a document using a traditional scanner? That aside, the CZUR Shine Ultra can support one second to scan one page of a document. This means it takes the utmost six minutes to scan a two-hundred-page book. Moreover, it has auto page-turning detection. This means it cannot scan a page twice in case you forget.

13 Megapixel Camera

This scanner has a 13-megapixel camera which ensures it captures a clear scan. So, in no way will you get low-quality scanned files.


Suppose you have an all-in-one, sheet-fed, or flatbed scanner. You know that they are bulky. Thus, making them challenging to carry around. And because you work from home, you require to move your scanner from your study room to the living room. But when you have the CZUR Shine Ultra, you can move it around as it is light hence portable.

Why is the CZUR Shine Ultra Suitable for Working from Home?

The reasons you must have this fastest scanner as you work from home include;

  • Easy to carry and occupies little space

The lightweight makes it easy to carry the CZUR CZUR Shine Ultra-scanner. Additionally, it is small and occupies little space on your study table.

  • Very Simple to Use

All you require is the CZUR Shine Ultra-software on your PC or Mac. The software has an easy and intimate user interface. Thus, friendly with old and young.

  • Compatible with Zoom

Working from home comes with many duties as communicating through video conferencing apps such as Zoom. But the challenge comes when you want to share a document with the other members. When you have the CZUR Shine Ultra, it will be easy as it is compatible with Zoom.

Other Fastest document scanner from CZUR

CZUR's products have revolutionized the world. It has proven how to create portable devices with minimal functionality.

Because of their portability, the CZUR ET series scanners are now used in many offices, libraries, scanning shops, and other places. It weighs only 1.5kg and is smaller than traditional book scanners like a lamp. It is easy to set up and digitize books in no time.


This product has a unique lighting design by CZUR and it is one of the fastest document scanners available in the market. This two-sided scanner has two primary sources of built-in lighting: top LED lights and sidelights. Sidelights that are patent-pending reveal the entire document so that you can scan laminated or glossy documents with no glare. This makes it ideal for magazines and pro-graded images, as well as certificates.

CZUR ET18 Pro is sure to make you fall in love with scanning. CZUR allows you to order from anywhere in the world. The package will include innovative accessories such as a document pad, finger cots, and power adapter. The scanner comes with a 2-year warranty, so you can shop with confidence.

CZUR Aura Series

The next fastest document scanner is CZUR Aura. It takes only two seconds to scan one page with this scanner. This scanner scans pages at a phenomenal speed compared to other scanners. This reduces the time spent scanning a book. This scanner can also scan A3-sized books and documents.

You can scan any drawings, contracts, or newspaper articles with the Aura.

This scanner is quite large and allows you to scan more than an ordinary book (A4).

CZUR ET 16Plus

Intelligent processing software is available for the CZUR ET16Plus. The software automates tedious tasks and simplifies scanning. It can provide users with useful features such as the ability to access already scanned files within 1.5 seconds of pressing a button on your system.

This fastest document scanner can even be used to scan fragile documents by simply placing them in the scanning area.

High-quality scanning is possible with the scanner's 16-megapixel HD camera from Sony. The scanner can be connected to a computer or to a projector via HDMI. This allows you to present the scans to others.

It can also scan objects such as your smartphone, sculptures, and more. It comes with a TFT LCD display measuring 2.4 inches that allows you to position the documents before scanning.

The built-in lamp offers two illuminations. This fastest document scanner can be used for both simple and glossy surfaces.

Document scanning and management are essential for your business

If you are like most companies, there will be sections in your office that are dedicated to the storage of records. You could find it in the basement, in dozens of filing cabinets, or in long drawers full of drawings. It could be in any of these. Document scanning through the fastest document scanner can offer some real benefits.

You can unlock severe benefits for your company by scanning your documents and converting them into digital files. We will discuss both the basics and more extensive benefits.

Better Data Preservation

Scan your old documents. These historical records, as well as any other record that may be important, but are becoming fragile over time, can all be scanned and saved digitally. You don't have to worry about patrons, employees, customers, handling fragile materials.

Your information is also protected in digital files, which are ideally safe in the event of a flood, fire, or other natural disasters.

Disaster Recovery

Paper records, which are susceptible to many threats due to natural disasters, are also vulnerable. While data on computers is protected, there are not enough backups for paper records. 

You can recover quickly from any disaster by digitizing your files and having them stored in a cloud-based file management system or having a backup on an off-site server. You can quickly get all required documents to your insurance company and the government using electronic documents. But all these things are possible if your organization has the fastest document scanner. 

Storage costs reduced

Business document scanning with the fastest document scanner has the advantage of converting large amounts of paper into a digital format. Instead of having to store thousands of documents, you can manage a small hard drive, a server, or a single disk.

This means that you don't need bulky filing cabinets or to pay for storage space to keep your records organized. You also won't need to spend a lot of time organizing them. 

Environment friendliness

The paper should be thrown away when it is no longer required for business operations. Although paper can be recycled, not all of the waste sent to recycling is actually processed. Instead, it ends up in landfills or is disposed of in another way.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Fastest Document Scanner For Business

Finding the perfect and fastest document scanner can be difficult. This scanner buying guide will help you to understand and consider all aspects of the purchase before you click on "Buy." This page isn't meant to bore you with dozens of portable scanners for documents. However, it will help you take a few moments to read through the essential aspects before clicking on the "Buy" button.

Noise and overall size

Many scanners require lots of space in an office. There are many scanners available, including handheld scanners and ones with stands. They take up a lot of space and produce a lot of noise. Users can use the portable scanners to scan documents without needing noise suppressors or space.

Fastest document scanners can also be used for any size job. Portable book scanners are better than larger scanners because they produce less noise. They are almost silent and can be used in a group.

Parts, Maintenance Plans, and Consumables

A portable and fastest document scanner for documents must be able to provide onsite service, such as repair or replacement of damaged parts and charging of the battery.

Portable connectivity and compatibility

A portable document scanner transfers data via USB or WiFi to computers. PCs and Macs can only use USB. It is not compatible with your smartphone or tablet.

Wireless-enabled portable scanners with WiFi capabilities can wirelessly communicate and transfer data to and from Android apps, laptops, and computers. Some fastest document scanners are able to scan automatically using SD cards or USB thumb drives.

Book Curve Flattening Technology

You must ensure that your document scanner uses book curve flattening technology. This technology is used by CZUR Scanners software to flatten the curvature in books. You don't have to manually flatten page curves. An intelligent program detects page turns and triggers scanning automatically to facilitate easy scanning.



The CZUR Shine Ultra is the scanner you should purchase if you work from home. This is because it features the latest technologies such as advanced OCR and the curve technology. Additionally, it is a fast scanner as it takes one second to scan a page. This reduces the time you spend scanning books or documents.

Another benefit you will get when you purchase this scanner is that you can export the scanned file into various formats such as JPG, PDF, Word, Excel, or TIFF. Apart from using this scanner at home, it has multiple applications like best for banks, consulting offices, healthcare, library, accounting, and drawing.

This makes the CZUR Shine Ultra the most sought-after scanner as COVID has led to work from the home trend. Therefore, making this scanner the best choice for efficient office work from home.