What Are Automated Book Scanners, And How Are They Useful?

What Are Automated Book Scanners, And How Are They Useful? - CZUR TECH

Digital technology has made it easy to preserve books and other documents. In the past, many books and records were lost due to poor storage and excessive maintenance of storage spaces. Digitization of books is a key technology to overcome this problem. It was not easy to create high-speed, easy-to-use automated book scanners that are high in quality and fast. Now automatic book scanners scan large stacks of books without much human effort.

Perhaps you love reading digitally, or maybe you want to know more about automated book scanners and book scanning. All the information you need will be covered. We know it will be hard to convince you that there is nothing better than turning a page in a book, but book scanning has many benefits.

  • You Can Free Some Space
  • Scanning books with an automated book scanner saves space. Although a digital book file can't replace the beauty of a well-stocked bookshelf, it won't erase the stories. Digitizing your books may be the answer you have been searching for. All your favourite books are in digital format. Clear space is also available.

  • Get Rid Of The Bulky Bags
  • Relaxing by the pool and reading is one of the best things about a vacation. It's not uncommon for luggage to be too heavy, so it's worth reducing the weight wherever possible. You can leave the books at home and use the convenience of ebooks after scanning with automated book scanners. You can bring unlimited books in digital formats and have access to them through a digital storage device. 

  • Protect Your Books
  • Books can be valuable, and people can be clumsy. You'll be able to see the horror if you drop your book into the bath while you soak. This risk is eliminated by automated book scanners that help in creating digital or scanned books. You can also keep the books you treasure most in digital or scanned copies. It's a win-win situation.

  • Repair Damaged Books
  • You might have accidentally damaged your favourite book. Book scanning can make your book readable again. We care about your books at CZUR. We take great care of your books during our book digitizing service. Out ET Series automated book scanners will help you receive your book back in an easily accessible and restored format.

  • Accessibility Is Simple
  • Books can be heavy. Accessing a digitalized book is simple. The content can also be searched. This can be useful for those who need to refer to books in order to locate a particular passage. Your scanned book can be accessed online or on a CD/USB. Automatic book scanners create the best route for those who want to make their books accessible to potential buyers.

  • Quickly Share Books With Others
  • Do you want to recommend a book? It's easy. You can easily email your digitized books and share them online with just a few clicks. It's a great way to share your books with bookworm friends. Sharing is caring.

    CZUR’s ET Series Automated Book Scanners

    A Digital library is useful for every person. CZUR's ET series automated books canners can be used to digitize books using OCR software support.

    CZUR ET scanners are professional document and book scanners that use second-generation auto-flatten technology. It scans 300 pages in ten minutes. The software automatically flattens curvatures in books, so you don't have to do any manual adjustments.

    The OCR software can recognize more than 180 languages. It is ideal for scanning documents, books, magazines, and forms as well as invoices and business cards.

    1. ET 16 Plus
    2. ET 18 Pro
    3. ET 24 Pro

    Let's have a closer look at their characteristics.

    ET 16 Plus

    CZUR ET16 Document Scanning has been praised by users for its simple-to-use scanning process. CZUR created this product with many unique and compelling features. This product is an excellent automated book scanner and the topmost choice for book scanning.

    • Patented Curve Flattening Technology.
    • Books automatically correct curve distortion and flatten.
    • High-Speed Scanning.
    • Each scan takes just 1.5 seconds.
    • 16-megapixel camera.
    • Variable brightness.

    ET 18 Pro

    The CZUR ET18Pro automated book scanner scans up to A3-sized paper. This is roughly the same size as two pages of letter-sized paper placed lengthwise. It doesn't matter whether you remove staples or pages from bound volumes. This scanner is ET 16 Plus's upgraded and powerful version. Below are its features.

    • Curve flattening technology
    • High-speed scanning
    • To scan a page, take 1.5 seconds
    • 18-megapixel camera
    • Wi-Fi available
    • OCR software available
    • Scanning text and images

    ET 24 Pro

    The ET24 Pro document and book scanner from CZUR is one of the most efficient and best portable scanners ever created. 320 DPI and 24 MP are the resolutions of this sturdy scanner. Scan quality is of the highest quality. It reduces reflections on glossy paper by including a sidelight. LINUX, macOS, and Windows are all compatible with it.

    You will be able to save the scanned documents in a variety of different formats once you scan them with CZUR's ET24 Pro. ET24 Pro Automated book scanner is powered by powerful software that fully utilizes its potential. Whether you want your document to be searchable, standardized, or an image, CZUR's ET24 supports all scanning methods.

    The Technology Behind the Best Book Scanners

    OCR technology has replaced telephotography, which was originally used to scan books using bulky scanners. There is one major difference between them: Telephotography scans books as an image; OCR in portable scanners converts text and images into text.

    Telephotography was not as sharp as it could be and took up a lot of space because of its large dimensions and high energy consumption. A portable document scanner, which is powered by OCR-enabled software, was later introduced.

    OCR stands for optical character recognition. It can identify printed characters within an image. OCR-powered software is able to recognize many fonts, even those that can be optically recognized or computer-printed. Advanced OCR software can recognize handwriting and digitize it in editable format.

    OCR software can be used in scanners to provide flexibility and benefits that will benefit your business in many ways. Many companies that incorporate OCR-enabled automated book scanners in their business operations are often amazed at the results.

    CZUR's Patented Flattening Technology Can Erase Book Curves

    If the pages are too curvy or uplifted, scanning can result in confusing and boring results. It can be difficult to read the text if the documents are not properly scanned. This problem has been solved by CZUR's top book scanners.

    All scanners manufactured by CZUR use the patented book curve technology. This software removes all curvature from books. It is easy to flatten curves on pages.


    The Automated Book Scanners from CZUR are unquestionably ground-breaking products. They have a number of incredible features and are obviously the result of extensive research. There are some features that are exclusive to these products, such as the patented curve flatten technology. They can deliver high-quality scans that exceed your highest expectations because they are equipped with high-megapixel cameras. There is a 12-month warranty on these products.