The CZUR Aura Portable Book Scanner Review

How long does it take you to scan a book? Do you have to unbind the book before scanning? Then I bet it is a tiring job for you. If you offer scanning services, that will take a toll on you. Today I am going to introduce a portable scanner to you that will ease your work. There will be no need to unbind your book. Or wait for minutes to scan a book. The CZUR Aura portable scanner is the best alternative for you.

Why the CZUR Aura? That's the question you are asking yourself. In this guide, I will be informing you all about the Aura portable book scanner.

Let's go.

Features of the CZUR Aura Portable Book Scanner

When it comes to devices, the features play a huge role. You don't want to purchase a scanner that doesn't fit your bill. In that case, you will get to know about the features of the CZUR Aura in this section.

Book Curve Flattening Technology

Scanning huge books can be daunting, leading you to remove every page while scanning for you to eliminate curves. Of course, this is while using ordinary scanners. But with the Aura, that's not the case.

All you need is to place the book on the pad and begin scanning your book. No matter the size of the document or book, no curves will be seen. This is possible as it is patented with the book curve flattening technology.

Therefore, you will not have to flatten the book or document using your hand.

Auto-Detect Page Turn and Auto Scan

Do you have to turn and press scan? Then that's an outdated feature that you will not find when you purchase the CZUR Aura portable book scanner. Instead, once you turn to the next page, it will automatically detect and scan the page.

Fast Scanning Speed and Supplemental Side Lights

This scanner takes two seconds to scan a page. What an incredible scanning speed!Comparing to other scanners, this is very fast. Thus, reducing the time you use when scanning a book. Additionally, this device can scan up to an A3-sized book or document.

So, if you have drawings, contracts, newspapers, documents, or books, you can scan them with  the Aura.

This is relatively large and offers you a chance to scan more than a book or ordinary document (A4). However, to ensure that there is no reflection on the scanned page, it has 

 sidelight. First, they prevent reflection on glossy papers.

Four Color Modes for Office and Family Use

CZUR has ensured that no one using this scanner develops any eye problems. Also, they have made it so that it is suitable for both office and family/home use. The four-color modes include;

  • Natural light mode
  • Reading light mode
  • Computer mode
  • Smart lighting mode 

All these modes have their specified color temperatures. For example, the natural light mode has a color temperature of 4800K, and the light mode has 4000K, computer mode has 3000K.

As for the smart lighting mode, it is ideal for night use.


Which output file format do you want? Is it JPG, Word, or PDF? Then with this scanner, you can get the format you want.

App Control

How do you use the CZUR Aura? All you need is to download the CZUR application and install it on your Windows or macOS and use it. The app doesn't require you to connect the device using a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. However, it needs a USB connection for it to be compatible with the CZUR.


This scanner is ergonomic, and its design is the best as it makes it user-friendly. The device has a classic multi-function button design. Additionally, it has an in-built plug-cable interface. Finally, it has a collapsible design.

AI Technology and High Resolution

The Aura uses artificial technology to scan books. This technology features smart paging and auto-cropping. Additionally, it has a high-resolution 14-megapixel camera whose resolution is 4160 x 3120.

OCR Software

This scanner uses the optical character recognition software that converts a JPG image and becomes easy to edit Word, Excel, or PDF formats. Additionally, this software supports over one hundred and eighty languages.

Pros and Cons of the CZUR Aura Portable Book Scanner

The scanner has various advantages and some shortcomings too. So, here we will discuss the pros and cons of this device.


  • It has an excellent build quality
  • The scan quality of the Aura is top-notch
  • Best in scanning large books without unbinding the book
  • Great value and cost-effective
  • Portable
  • It has an auto-scan feature
  • Easy to use
  • Fast scanning


  • It doesn't do a great job with small books

Process of Downloading the CZUR Software

Now that you know about the features of the CZUR Aura. It is time to learn how to download the CZUR software.

Step 1: Visit the CZUR website

Step 2: Tap on download software

Step 3: Choose the scanner model

Step 4: Select the OS, either Windows or Mac

When done, click download, and the process will start. Install the software when done.

The CZUR Aura is Compatible with Zoom

Currently, many institutions have embraced technology, which comes with challenges such as scanning books in real-time and sharing them with other members. For example, if you are a lecturer and are teaching students online, it will require you to share the information on the book.

When you have this scanner, it becomes simple as it is compatible with Zoom. So, how do you use it with Zoom?

Here you will learn how to share the CZUR software screen on Zoom.

Step 1: Launch the CZUR software and tap on "scan."

Step 2: Open Zoom and join or start a meeting.

Step 3: Now select an integrated camera other than CZUR's camera on the start video module

Step 4: Select share screen on zoom and choose CZUR Aura screen for sharing

Additional Information About the CZUR Aura

For your information, there are two types of CZUR Aura scanners. They include;

  • Aura Pro
  • Aura X Pro

The Aura Pro doesn't come with a battery, while the Aura X Pro comes with a 3000mAh battery.

Apart from that, here are the specifications of the CZUR Aura portable book scanner.

Scannable items

Papers, documents, books, photos


HD CMOS lens

Output file format

JPG, PDF, Word, Excel




4320 x 3240



Scanning range

Up to A3 Single sheet and A4 bound book

Scanning speed

2 seconds per page

Color bit depth

24 bits


Scanning becomes more straightforward when you purchase the CZUR Aura. In terms of shipping, CZUR offers free shipping worldwide. Additionally, you will get a 12-month warranty on the device. Finally, in case of any fault, you can return the product to the store for free. So, what are you waiting for? Get the CZUR Aura portable book scanner for yourself today and make scanning a simple task.