The Best Scanner for Dad on Father's Day【2022】

The Best Scanner for Dad on Father's Day【2022】 - CZUR TECH

In most parts of the world, father’s day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June which means that this auspicious day is just around the corner. It is celebrated to honor paternal bonds and the role of fathers in society. That is why children regardless of their age celebrate this day and make their fathers feel special by giving them valuable gifts.

They buy and make gifts for their fathers or fatherly figures, write cards and even spend quality time with them. Now that father’s day is just around the corner you must also be wondering about the kind of gift you want to gift to your father.

Gift according to his Profession

If your father is a teacher, a businessman, a photographer, a librarian or someone who works in the journalism field then don’t worry your father’s day gift is sorted. Because in this blog I am going to tell you about the best father’s day gift that will be the star of the occasion among all the other gifts that will be presented by your siblings.

A Scanner!

Yes, you read it right! A scanner is the most useful tool that you can gift to your father if he belongs to the above professions. Even if he doesn’t belong to any of these professions but has a knack for history books and likes to preserve them, you must go for this handy gift.

With the advancement in technology, scanners have also been revolutionized. Gone are the days when scanners used to be this huge machine with troublesome features. Now scanners are more sophisticated, handy and stylish and the CZUR ET18 Pro scanner is just one such example.

ET18 Pro

This is optimized in order to meet the needs of wireless scanning. This scanner is enhanced with both wireless connectivity and USB, which allows scanning documents directly to your Smartphone. It has 18Mp ½.3” Sony CMOS sensor that can scan any document within A3 size.

Prominent Features of the ET18 Pro 

Patented Curve Flattening Technology: This feature is specifically introduced to scan thick books. It helps to correct and flatten the curve distortion of books and other magazines.

Scanning in High Speed: Scanning with the ET18 Pro is as easy as blinking an eye because each scanning takes only 1.5 seconds.

Anti-Reflection Properties: To prevent reflection on glossy papers like magazines, sidelights are installed which helps to prevent shinning on such papers without compromising the quality.6 thick.

OCR Technology: With this scanner, you can easily create an editable word, excel and also searchable PDFs. This technology helps to recognize more than 180 different languages.

Scanning up to A3 Size: You can scan any document that is measured up to 18.89’’X14.17” and up to 1.9.

Like I said earlier, the ET18 Pro is one of the best father’s day gifts because it has revolutionized the scanning experience by introducing simple and intelligent scanning performance. Even if your father is not a tech-savvy person he will still enjoy using this scanner and will love your thoughtfulness in the gift selection.