CZUR Shine Ultra – Next Gen Portable & Powerful Scanner

CZUR Shine Ultra – Next Gen Portable & Powerful Scanner - CZUR TECH

Techmog review: Shine Ultra

Digital format is still a problem for many readers. There’s no proper service or product that provides exact readers translation of a document.  Scanning books, photos, papers, and image albums by means of a smartphone app doesn’t provide the exact result, but now the ‘CZUR Shine Ultra’ scanner can scan an entire book in just 10 minutes.

Czur Shine Ultra Features:

  • Adjustable Height
  • Super Portable
  • Curve Flatten Technology
  • AI Optimization for advance reading
  • Auto-scan multiple pages
  • Video recording, live feed
  • 180+ Language OCR

Scan An entire book with this Portable Document Scanner

Using old methods to scan your documents requires both budget and time. And if you want to accomplish this task in bulk, your full-day will be spent here. Czur scanner is an auto-focus and turning detection product that effectively, and efficiently scans and entire book in seconds.

By using the foot pedal, all you have to do is turn the pages and your document is ready in no time. It allows you to scan a full 300 pages book in just 10 minutes. There’s no other device in the market that is more durable than this.

Super Portable: Carry in your backpack

This revolutionary scanner can be locked in a bag and uses a laptop battery via USB for scanning so you don’t have to charge this device repeatedly.  Whether you have old photos, report cards, color magazines, newspapers, or any book, this scanner instantly scans all of them with real colors format and distributes them to digital files.

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No conversion required: Directly Edit Scanned Pages

Portable Scanner

With OCR technology, this portable document scanner can directly scan and transfer scanned files into an editable format. The best part is that it supports over 180 Languages. Most importantly, it uses the Curve Flatten technology, which is Auto Focus, and scans the paper text smoothly even when the book is in a curved shape. With just one click you can convert hundreds of pages of books to digital formats in minutes. The scanners that are currently being used in libraries and offices are very expensive nor accessible to everyone.

Note: Czur Portable scanner can also scan other household items

Preserve all your favorite Memory

Want to save your most precious moments in digital format, Czur Ultra shine is your ultimate companion. It provides a hi-resolution scan at 340 DPI with a clear and crisp highly optimized scanning quality. Apart from books, you can also scan your important documents including ID card, stamps, passport, receipts, drawings, and more.

Perfect for Presentation

Portable Scanner

Forget expensive projectors, use Czur scanner to video record your presentation and live feed. This option comes in handy when you’re presenting your assignments.

How does the Czur scanner work?

  • Take the scanner out and open the lid
  • Place the blackwork mat on a straight surface
  • Connect the scanner with your computer via USB cable
  • Connect the pedal with the scanner
  • Install software and scanner drivers online or through CD
  • Place the Book anywhere  in the black mat
  • Adjust the scanner if required


Size 157.9mm/116.9mm
Weight 1 KG
Sensor CMOS
Pixel 13 Megapixels
Resolution 4160*3120
OS Both macOS and Windows

Czur Ultra Scan Price

The price of the CZUR is also affordable, currently costs at $220 for the Ultra shine model. Choose any of the ongoing deals and get the item in relatively affordable price. 


In short, Czur is by far one of the Best Portable Scanners you can buy right now. It is super effective, budget-friendly, and uses a dedicated camera lens to quickly scan an entire document. Using the Czur software, you can directly import your scanned document, and edit them from the software. No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection is needed, just pair it with the cable and start working.