Operation Guide- How to Scan and Organize Documents

Operation Guide- How to Scan and Organize Documents

Professional environments are largely dependent on scanning utilities for the everyday requirements of data recording and information mobility. Paperwork is an important part of the workflow in such spaces, which can be tiring at times. Modern-day scanners are here to help you go paperless with their amazing features.

Here’s how you can perform different operations to scan and organize documents:

Start a New Scan

  • Set up the Scanner

Switch on the scanner through the toggle switch. When the device powers on, place the document to be scanned on the black mat.

  • Connect to the Computer

Install the scanner software in your system and launch the same by double-clicking its desktop icon. Connect the scanner to the PC via a USB cable. You can make camera and lighting adjustments at this point for the best scanning output.

  • Click ‘Scan’

Tap the ‘Scan’ option on the screen when you are done with the adjustments. Navigate to the right for setting the ‘Color Mode’ and ‘Processing Method’.

Rescan a Specific Image

The CZUR document scanner is excellent at scanning documents and books into digitized images. While the device promises affordable accuracy, there can be distortions in the results. You may want to rescan the distorted image in such cases. The scanner addresses this requirement with a single click. All you need to do is select the desired image and tap the 'Rep' button on the scanner.

The device performs the scanning operation again and replaces the distorted image with the correct one. If you are scanning a book with devices of the Shine series, remember that these utilities cannot rescan facing-page images.

Batch Image Adjustment

  • Color Mode

You can adjust the ‘Color Mode’ setting at the right-side panel on the CZUR application screen. There are options to start grayscale and color scanning.

  • Rotate

The document page can be rotated for scanning at the right angle. You can click on the 'Rotate' icon for rotating the images in free-angle cycles.

  • Quality

Quality adjustments can be made in the ‘Output Settings’ of the CZUR application. You can set the image resolution before beginning the scanning process.

  • Cropping

The ‘Cropping’ feature allows you to remove undesired portions from the document images before they are scanned. Click on the ‘Crop’ icon to use the tool.

Save Your Scanned File

The CZUR scanner software allows you to conveniently save the scanned file locally to your system. All you need to do is, click on the ‘Save’ option and select the destination folder. The scanned images will be exported to your system’s hard disk storage. If you have performed OCR, there are options to save the original and converted images.

OCR technology converts the documents into a searchable and editable file format for ensuring customization flexibility. You can perform the OCR function in your preferred language for added convenience. The feature supports more than 180 languages for the user's convenience.

Start with a Scanned File

There may be instances when you need to scan large documents and heavy books. It can be quite difficult to scan such files all at once. You can address the concern by scanning the document in pages. You can scan the documents or books in parts and then merge the separately scanned pages into a single file. Here’s how to proceed with the process:

Step 1:

Start with scanning  the document from any of the pages. Save the scanned image to the desired location on your device.

Step 2:

Slide the document to scan the next section, followed by clicking on the ‘+’ icon to reload the saved image file.

Step 3:

Tap on the 'Scan' option to continuously scan the remaining sections of the document.

Step 4:

Once you finished scan all files, and then select all scanned JPG images, choose the required file type (Word, PDF, Excel, Tiff...)to export into one file. Of course, also support export OCR files, The OCR feature is an advantage of the CZUR scanner software, which is generally lacking in most of its market counterparts.


Modern-day scanning devices are equipped with a diverse set of features and functionalities for reducing your effort and saving precious time. Such a device also allows you to scan, edit, organize, and rescan documents and books for long-term store purposes. You can have a look at the useful tips discussed above before proceeding with a new scan.