Online Teaching during COVID

Online Teaching during COVID - CZUR TECH

COVID-19 was a disaster that happened to human society in modern times. Human lives were lost, economies were shattered and the entire global order was turned upside down. The entire world was shut down and we were confined within the four walls of our homes in order to curb the disease's spread.

Schools, colleges and universities were closed to ensure social distancing. Digital education became the new reality where students continued to pursue their education from home. Students, as well as teachers, were glued to their mobile and laptop screens and the overall mode of transferring as well as receiving an education was and is changed.

Everything is done with the help of the internet, assignments are given on online portals, exams are being conducted online and physical classrooms are now slowly becoming a distant reality to some extent we all are getting used to this mode of education because it is easy and convenient for all of us.

Remote Education and Teachers

Remote education is not as easy as it sounds because it has its own set of challenges not only for the students but also for teachers. Students often feel disconnected from the instructor which creates a barrier between them and becomes a roadblock in the learning process. Teachers face a lot of challenges when they struggle to gauge how students comprehend the content and whether they are taking any interest in the learning experience.

Another main challenge for teachers is to set up an environment for online teaching. Specifying a proper spot for teaching, and setting up all the required equipment is another task that needs a lot of brainstorming and effort. All these challenges make online teaching a tough task.

I personally feel that online teaching is a very fun thing but it all depends on your planning and also what type of equipment you are using for this new reality.

CZUR Aura Scanner

CZUR Aura Scanner is an ideal scanner not only for quality scanning but also for online teaching due to its visual presenter function. The built-in visual presenter function enables the scanner to show documents and manuscripts live to students and participants when hosting a meeting or teaching online.                                                                                                          

Although there are tons of scanners available in the market my personal favorite is the CZUR Aura scanner. It has all the tools and features that can help you to have the best online teaching experience. Aura Series is a smart scanner that is specifically designed for home use.

The Aura Pro scanner is a combo of both high-quality scanning and sleek design while the Aura X Pro can scan documents anywhere without the need for a continuous power supply.

Aura Scanner is simply an elegant piece of art with its unique design, solid unibody construction and also stylish metallic finish. It can easily scan thick books with ease and I personally love this specific feature.

With the specific Book Curve flattening feature you are not supposed to unbind books before scanning. It has a 14-megapixel-camera which ensures superb image quality. It takes only 2sec/page which is super fast and that is one of the many reasons I prefer this scanner.

Aura scanner can easily scan any book or document within A3 size. You can scan any book document, magazine, and book within this size and the scanner will give you the best results.

The intelligent software auto-detects each page turn and then triggers a scan automatically for effortless scanning. It comes with a foot pedal that helps in scanning the documents while your hands are free.  

Aura Scanner can:

  • Combine all images into one PDF
  • Background Color Optimization
  • Auto Reduce Image Noise
  • Adjust color tones

It is more than just a scanner. This amazing scanner can also act as a smart multi-function desk lamp. With all these amazing features it helps you to create, store and scan all your work at the comfort of your desk.

So what are you waiting for, get your Aura Scanner now!