How to Choose the Right Scanner for You| Buying Guidance

How to Choose the Right Scanner for You| Buying Guidance

Modern-day professional and academic environments are largely dependent on document digitization. Since scanners are important utilities in this regard, choosing them wisely is a must. CZUR scanners are here to make things easy for you. Whether scanning official documents, submitting online assignments, or digitizing your favorite books; these utilities can do it all. Depending on the varying needs and user preferences, a diverse range of market choices is available. Keep reading to know more about selecting your best scanning option.

What Should You Consider Before Buying A Scanner?

The utility market welcomes you with the best scanners suitable for the widest needs. There are, however, some essential factors to keep in mind when bringing home your new scanner. The prominent ones are listed below:


Look for an optimum DPI range when purchasing a scanner. High-resolution requirements like graphic designing go well with a high value of dots per inch.  Other office applications work fine with a 600-1200 DPI value.


Color preferences mostly depend on the applications to be addressed. You may choose a black and white or color scanner in line with your needs. Most digital scanners produce color images in 3 grayscale layers.


Speed is an important factor in deciding the efficiency and cost of a scanner. Speed is determined by the number of pages scanned by the machine in 1 minute. The higher the speed, the greater the cost. Decide on the speed requirements in line with the number of pages you need to scan regularly.


Business class scanners are categorized as departmental, workgroup, and production types based on performance and size. Workgroup scanners are the smallest ones, while departmental scanners need a medium space. Production scanners are large and high-volume machines.


In line with the size constraints, the volume also varies in direct proportion. Thin book scanners have the least volume, while thick scanners can be somewhat bulky. Flat paper scanners have the highest volume and entail full-time scanning needs.



Choose your scanner while considering the location factor as well. You can pick flatbed and sheet-bed scanners for homes and offices. Portable scanners are the best for professional tours and business travel.


You can choose feature-rich, all-in-one scanners for a high cost. Dedicated scanners have task-specific functionalities but are quite cost-effective. Make a choice that fulfills your needs, while being friendly to your pocket.

Best Profession: CZUR ET24 Pro

The CZUR E24 Pro is a leading preference among the wide range of book scanners available in the market. You can effortlessly digitize your favorite books, magazines, and documents with the machine with the highest efficiency. The scanner works on a 3D flattening technology that flattens curved surfaces of book pages after pixel transformation for high-quality scanning results.

The device has a dedicated 24 MP high-definition camera with 320 DPI and 5696 x 4272 image resolution. You can integrate the scanner with MacOS, Linux, and Windows-supported systems. The scanner also has HDMI support and ABBYY-powered OCR technology. The flexibility to scan large-sized pages and a scan preview screen add to the device's credibility. The side supplement lights ensure proper illumination and readability.

The major appeals of this scanner are automatic page-turn detection and focus, business card archiving, and HDMI video output. The device, however, lacks wireless connectivity for hand-operated utilities and networking capabilities.

Best Portable: CZUR Shine Ultra Pro

The CZUR Shine Ultra series Pro is a high-quality portable scanner. The best appeal of this dedicated scanning tool is its extensive portability. You can adjust the device’s foldable arm to multiple heights for the best viewing angles and scanning results. The scanner provides an A3-size scanning area with the auto-scanning advantage, owing to the programmed page detection and time interval features.

The scanner works on the ABBYY-powered OCR technology for converting scanned documents into searchable and editable file formats. The device grants you the liberty to select a preferred scanning language from more than 180 choices. You can rest assured of the output quality with the scanner’s 24 MP, ultra-high definition camera. The device also promises a high-speed scanning process.

Major advantages of the scanner include a strong software bundle, financial document scanning, and business card archiving. Lack of wireless connectivity, networking, and battery backup is, however, the potential disadvantages of this device.

Best Wi-Fi Support: CZUR ET18 Pro

Another member of the CZUR ET Series, the ET18 Pro is an advanced and updated successor to the ET18 scanner. The device’s major upgrades include wireless and USB connectivity. The Wi-Fi connection capability is another advantage of this device that allows you to export and share digitized documents across different platforms. You can scan the documents directly to your smartphone with the scanner’s wireless connectivity.

The 18 MP high-definition camera of this scanner is integrated with a Sony CMOS sensor for capturing the best document images and the clearest scans. The device extends a wide, A3-size capture area for scanning large-sized pages with ease. The scanner's dedicated OCR technology can convert scanned documents into all popular editable formats in over 180 different languages.

The major attractions of this scanner are its lightweight, compact, and portable design, hands-free operation flexibility, and curve-flattening technology. Inconsistencies with cloud storage are, however, a compromise on credibility.

Best with Built-in Battery: CZUR Aura X Pro

CZUR Aura X Pro is a reliable document scanner, thanks to its extensive portability and a built-in rechargeable battery. The device has a 3000 mAh battery to keep it powered up for 100 minutes of continuous operation. You can scan documents up to A3 size with the scanner’s high-definition, 14-MP camera. The scanner can also double up as an LED lamp for illumination requirements.

Wi-Fi connection and USB support bring the facilities of smartphone transfer and online export of scanned documents. You can also make video calls from this device and stream videos in the MJPG format. The scanner promises high-speed performance and affordable quality results. The compact 17 inches size fits conveniently in the smallest spaces on your working desk.

Talking about the chief attractions, you will love its foldable design, neat finger cot vanishing, and the dual advantage of camera and scanner. The limitations in field view adjustment are, however, a downside of this device.

Best Multi-Functional: CZUR Lens Pro

The CZUR Lens Pro is a smart, multifunctional, and portable scanner for scanning documents and books. The device is equipped with a CMOS sensor and a 12-MP, high-definition camera for taking the clearest pictures. The 330 DPI specifications facilitate a high-resolution scanning of the document pages with a fast operation speed. The foldable design makes it a compact device that conveniently rests inside your desk.

The scanner also has a lamp for proper illumination and connects to your system through a USB-C cable. You can also use the scanner as a video camera or webcam for making video calls and attending online meetings, webinars, etc. You can adjust the scanner height for device portability and viewing convenience during video calls.

Major highlights of this scanner are a fast scanning process, extensive portability with a compact design, and automated software for straightening and flattening pages. The microphone and video capture quality are, however, not up to the mark.


Professional spaces and business environments have regular document scanning requirements. CZUR scanners are a viable solution to these workflow needs, with a diverse range of alternatives. You can choose from the line as per your preferences. The results are promising, regardless of your selection. There are many appealing features to look at and count upon. Get ready to improve your office efficiency with these high-performance devices!