CZUR's Best Scanners For Small Businesses

CZUR's Best Scanners For Small Businesses

If you're a small company owner, then you understand how crucial it is to secure your records. It is essential to ensure that your records won't be altered or misplaced by any means. This is why one of the essential business tools for entrepreneurs with small businesses is the document scanner. The best scanners for small businesses are small enough as well as powerful enough to take care of every document management need you have as a business owner.

CZUR ET 24 Pro

The ET24 Pro document and book scanner made by CZUR is among the best scanners for small business which have ever been created. This sturdy scanner's resolutions are 320 DPI and 24MP. The scanner is of the best quality. It helps reduce reflections on glossy papers through the use of the sidelight. LINUX, macOS, and Windows are all compatible with it.

You can save your scanned documents in various formats when you've scanned them with the CZUR ET24 Pro. ET24 Pro's automated book scanner has a powerful program which fully makes use of its capabilities. If you'd like the document searchable or standard or even an image CZUR's ET24 is compatible with all scanning methods.

ET 18 Pro

CZUR ET18 Pro document scanner can scan up to A3-sized pages. It's roughly similar to two sheets of paper that are letter-sized and placed across the length. It doesn't matter if you take staples off or remove pages of bound volumes. It's ET 16 Plus's more powerful and upgraded version. Here are the features of this one of the best scanners for small business. 

  • Curve flattening technology
  • High-speed scanning
  • Takes 1.5 seconds to scan a page
  • 18-megapixel camera
  • WiFi available
  • OCR software is available
  • Scan images and text

CZUR Shine Ultra Document Scanner

CZUR Shine Ultra has been made to scan all kinds of documents. It is able to be used for any kind of scanning, starting from the simplest to the most complex and heavy. This series’s best scanners for small business have just a few characteristics which make this the world's most sought-after document scanners.

CZUR Shine Ultra variants

  • Shine Ultra
  • Shine Ultra Pro

Features of CZUR Shine Ultra Portable Book Scanners

  • Flattening Curves Technology
  • It utilizes a specific algorithm that projects and reads the characters and symbols onto surfaces and pages with curves. It doesn't need the user to flatten the pages when scanning.

  • Advanced OCR
  • The well-developed optical character recognition technology allows users to see all content of the webpage as editable files. It is able to recognize more than 180 language options.

  • HD Resolution
  • CZUR Shine Ultra scanners have 13 megapixels of cameras. Its high-definition and powerful resolution allow you to view the contents in all their detail.

    CZUR Aura Portable Book scanner

    CZUR Aura is the next-fastest overhead document scanner. It scans a single page in less than two seconds. It scans pages with the speed of light when compared to other best scanners for small business. This scanner scans pages with an increased speed, which can reduce the amount of time needed to scan an entire file folder of documents. 

    This series’s scanners are able to scan documents that are A3 in size as well as books. The Aura scanners can scan any contract, drawing as well as newspaper clippings. It is big enough to allow for scanning larger volumes than an A4 book.

    The capabilities of scanners are crucial to consider. It is essential not to purchase a scanner that doesn't fulfill your requirements. 

    CZUR Aura Variants

    1. Aura Pro
    2. Aura X Pro

    Just place the document on the pad, then begin to scan it. There will be no visible curves regardless of how big the document or book is. Patentable technology is used to flatten curves in books.

    Speedy Scanning, as well as Additional Side Lights

    It takes less than 2 seconds to scan a page using this scanner. This scanner scans pages with incredible speed when compared to other scanners. This speeds up the process of scanning the pages of a book. This scanner also can scan documents and books that are A3 in size.

    Multi-Format Document Scanning

    What output format is searching for? Do you need JPG, Word, or PDF? These best scanners for small business will enable you to obtain the format you want.

    App Control

    You can download the CZUR software to install on Windows as well as macOS. Once installed, you're able to start using the scanners. There is no need to connect to your device through Bluetooth or WiFi. However, it requires a USB connection to function with the CZUR best scanners for small business.

    Shine Pro Series

    If you're looking to buy this scanner, it's important to be aware that it comes in three different versions. They share the same specifications; however, the camera quality differs.

    The models are

    • Shine500 Pro
    • Shine800 Pro
    • Shine800A3 Pro

    These best scanners for small business are able to be used with flat pages even though there are minor differences. In contrast to other scanners, Shine Pro series scanners cannot be used in conjunction with books. Shine Pro series scanners can only scan flat pages and other smaller objects.

    This series scanners are great for people who travel often. Its design is made to be mobile. Each scanner is light because of its aluminum casing. Aluminum casings make these best scanners for small businesses lightweight and portable.


    It is essential to be productive, no matter at home or at work. CZUR's best scanners for small business allow this. They come with OCR or curve flattening and powerful cameras. They are an extremely popular item in today's workplaces.

    CZUR has designed these document scanners based on the current needs for document management and scanning for businesses, companies and even organizations. It is also possible to make use of them for personal usage for crucial document scanning for work-from-home reasons such as graphic scanning, scans of photos, etc. If you have doubts or concerns, You can leave a message in the section below with your comments.