CZUR Shine Ultra Smart Portable Document Scanner

How is your experience with your current old school scanner? I bet it is not that appealing. However, you can relax; I have great news for you. CZUR Shine Ultra smart scanner is one of the latest and advanced portable document scanners. 

Unlike other scanners, this has a unique table lamp-like design and ultra-high-speed scanning speed. I also find this scanner handy since it comes with a foot pedal for hands-free scanning.

Summarized CZUR Shine Ultra Technical Specifications 

If you are in a hurry, here are some of the crucial specifications I find helpful. Have a quick glimpse of Summarized CZUR Shine Ultra technical specifications


13MP sensor

Scanning speed 

Less than one second 


LED, stepless dimming 


USB 2.0

Compatible OS

Windows and Mac OS

Supported languages 



4 pounds 

Scanner dimensions 

4.6 inches x 6.3inches x 13.1inches 

Compatible documents 

A3, A4, smaller documents and objects

Focus method

Autofocus (AF)

Export formats 

JPG, PDF, TIFF, Word and Excel


340 in A3, 245 in A3

Device controls

Software, foot pedal 

Color bit depth 

24 bits 

Video recording 

4160×3120 pixels @ 10fps


You might be asking why all the hype about this scanner. Let me take you through some of the striking features of this machine.

CZUR Shine Ultra Features 

The good thing is when you have this scanner; it brings all smart features into your fingertip. I can assure you; it is worth your bucks. 

Supersonic scanning speed

Scanning using other scanners can be time-consuming. But, when using this device, speed is unrivaled. The ability to work on different-sized documents at a fast speed makes it unique.

The scanner can work with A3, A4, and other smaller documents offering quick scanning. You can utilize ultra-fast scanning mode, which allows you to scan a document in less than one second.

With CZUR shine ultra, it is possible to enjoy fast scanning of different objects. 

Bright LED light for high illumination

It doesn’t matter the time of the day you are doing your scanning. Whether you have an extra source of light or not, built-in LED lights are bright enough to offer superb illumination.

Although the scanner has built-in lights, you can also add external lighting to eliminate glare. However, the two lights handy under all circumstances. They ensure the clarity of documents even in poorly lit places. 

Not only is the device great for making flattened docs, but it also corrects the tilt. You don’t need to struggle positioning the document to perfect position. 

High-resolution 13MP camera 

The quality of a camera in a scanner is vital. It determines the scan quality and clarity. When you have this scanner, it delivers ultra-high-definition scans. 

There is a deep color which ensures crispy scans. There are no burled scans anymore. You get 340DPI in A4 and 245DPI in A3 documents. 

When using this scanner, you don’t have to crop the results. The smart cropping feature helps in eliminating unwanted parts and fingerings. 

All you get is clean and super clear scans free from distorted pixels. 

Adjustable design 

Working with some scanners can be space-demanding. You need to set a specific place for the device. But, I find this one handy and condiment. It has a super compact design which allows easy storage. 

One thing you are going to love is height adjustability. It can rise from 334.9 mm to 409.4mm. This lets you scan different-sized documents and objects without struggles. You can adjust the height to give your documents perfect scanning. 

With larger documents like A3, you need to increase height, while lowered height is best for smaller objects. The scanner also folds down 90 degrees to ease storage.