Can I Use A Document Camera As A Webcam?

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Most of us use the built-in camera on our laptops for video conferencing. But what if you have another great way to enhance your online interactions in the digitized world?

Well, you can explore many options, one of which is a document camera. But do these cameras function as a perfect substitute for webcams?

In this article, we will explore the compatibility of document cameras with video conferencing software, connection options, image quality, and audio features. And connect the dots to check whether we can really use a document camera as a webcam.

Can I Use A Document Camera As A Webcam?

Document cameras and webcams have specific applications when you think of remote work or online education. The document camera primarily serves as a tool to capture and project documents and 3D objects. On the other hand, webcams are designed for real-time video streaming and conferencing.

Now, what if you have a technology that offers the benefits of both these technologies? It's fascinating to learn that you can use a document camera as a webcam. But, it's imperative to discuss the compatibility, connection options, and recording capabilities.

For easy reference, we have discussed the features of Fancy (document camera) and the Halo webcam.

fancy , document camera

A CZUR document camera used as a webcam 

Compatibility with Video Conferencing Software

  • Fancy Pro and Fancy S Pro: Thanks to the USB connectivity, Fancy seamlessly integrates with a wide range of video conferencing platforms. This ensures a smooth video conferencing experience for you.
  • Halo: Halo, just like Fancy, is designed to work with popular video conferencing applications and comes with a Type C port. This is a plug-and-play webcam, which means it doesn’t need any additional software.



 Connection options

  • Fancy: Fancy Pro and Fancy S Pro come with USB compatibility along with HDMI or VGA ports, which simplifies the connection process. You simply need to plug it in to start using the device.
  • Halo: Halo supports USB connections, which makes it a breezy process to set up. There's no complex installation process involved.

Recording Facility

  • Fancy: For presenters and teachers, the recording features of Fancy bring an edge. It allows you to capture important lessons or presentations that you can use in the future. The video resolution kept at 1920*1080 p, is great for viewing quality.


  • Halo: Halo comes equipped with recording features that enable you to create valuable content effortlessly. Now, that's not all. The video comes with 1920*1080, which is an industry standard for great resolution. Also, you can get the video facility coupled with sound.

The discussed features bring you a clear picture in comparing their abilities. It seems you can use document cameras as versatile alternatives to traditional webcams.

Will I Have Any Problem If I Use Document Camera As A Webcam?

Now that we have established doc cams can be used as webcams, you may feel a strong urge to do the same. But, it's wise to check whether using a substitute for a webcam can bring any challenge in recording output or online meetings. Let’s check out the general challenges of using document cameras as webcams.

Image Quality and Resolution

While document cameras are adept at capturing documents and objects, they may not offer the same level of video clarity as dedicated webcams. Therefore, dynamic movements and human faces might lack sharpness.

Audio Features

Document cameras may not have advanced microphones available in webcams. This can potentially lead to poorer audio quality. So, you may need external microphones to enhance the sound quality.

How Do Halo And Fancy Address These Issues?

 Image Quality and Resolution


  • Fancy: The Fancy series has been designed with webcam capabilities in mind. It offers better video quality (Full HD 1080P and 4K Ultra HD), which is certainly useful for live video conferencing.

 You can even get enhanced video quality with ultra HD, reaching a maximum resolution of 4000*3000. These document cameras also come with two autofocus modes to help focus on both stationary and moving objects.


  • Halo: Halo strives to enhance the video quality with a 2 megapixels camera and 1G4P lens. This makes it an effective tool for enhancing the online visual experience.
    fancy pro, document camera

Fancy series head buttons with focus adjustment settings


Audio Features

  • Fancy: The audio features of Fancy have been designed to enhance sound
  • without compromising image quality. The Fancy series comes with analog MIC for audio facility. Still, you may use an external microphone to enjoy better sound clarity.


  • Halo: Halo comes with an in-built microphone to capture clear audio. It mitigates the need for any additional equipment, offering a balanced approach between visual and auditory quality.

 Although using document cameras as webcams comes with a few compromises, the ‘Halo’ and ‘Fancy’ models have been tailored to do away with these issues.

Final Words

So, if you are wondering whether a document camera can be effectively used as a webcam, the answer is ‘yes’. While analyzing two of the reputed document cameras, it’s evident that these models have been customized to bridge the gap between traditional document cameras and webcams. A dedicated webcam like Halo is definitely better, but the Fancy Series document cameras can get the job done quite well.

Whether you are a teacher, presenter, or professional engaged in remote work, it makes sense to use a document camera as a dual-function tool. You can use it for sharing documents and dynamic video conferencing.  So, the next time you connect online, remember that a document camera shares the same potential as a webcam when you choose the right brand.