Best Book Scanner- ET18 Pro vs Shine Ultra Pro

Best Book Scanner- ET18 Pro vs Shine Ultra Pro

Most of us enjoy reading as a hobby, but others take the habit as a passion. Such book lovers always want to preserve a cherished collection of their favorite paperback for times to come and go. Book scanners are a welcome boon for these reading freaks. If you land among the group, the following article has some reliable scanner selections for you to look at.

Why You Should Choose the Best Book Scanner?

Scanning your books can be advantageous in a host of ways. You can restore, protect, and share your favorite books without any hassle in their digital copies. You should additionally, take care to choose the best book scanner when working on the idea. A reliable and efficient scanner is necessary to generate high-quality digitized copies of your books.

You can look at the factors of build quality, design, portability, scanning speed, image quality, efficiency, cleaning, maintenance requirements, etc. The scanner should digitize the book without damaging it. These characteristics ensure that the scanning output is perfect, and the physical quality of your books is maintained.

Top 2 CZUR Best Book Scanners to Recommend

The utility market brings a diverse range of premium-quality book scanners with a promising set of features. CZUR scanners have, however, ruled the user preferences owing to some exceptional performance characteristics. Choosing the top 2 models, you can go for ET18 Pro and Shine Ultra Pro. Let us have a comparative analysis of these models in what follows next:

  1. Best Professional Scanner- ET18 Pro

CZUR is a leading name in the world of office accessories and utilities. Its expansive range of ultra-portable scanners is known for its compactness and efficiency. The brand’s ET18 Pro model follows the legacy in every respect. The device is a smart solution for the high-quality scanning of books, documents, magazines, paintings, and blueprints.

The utility belongs to CZUR's professional scanner series and is a perfect choice for offices, academic institutes, banks, libraries, etc., where high-quality and fast document scanning is in demand. The device is a clever combination of intelligent features and futuristic design. The major highlights of this scanner are outlined below:

  • Flattening Curves Technology

The flattening curves technology is a unique feature of ET18 Pro that consists of 3-layered beams and smart algorithms. The combination is responsible for an accurate restoration of curved pages of documents and books into flat copies. The curved pages remain unaffected during the digitization process due to the smart book-bound scanning capability.

  • 18MP Resolution

The scanner has a CMOS-integrated, 18-MP, high-definition camera for capturing the finest quality images. The high-quality camera can easily scan razor-sharp images of large documents having A3-sized pages. You can also use it as a webcam for generating videos and real-time presentations in professional meetings, seminars, and other official events.

  • Wireless Connectivity

The wireless connectivity feature of this scanner makes it convenient to scan files to smartphones directly. You can quickly transfer the digitized files into a networked PC from a remote location with the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band. The scanner also provides 10 GB of cloud storage space for saving digital files. This is equivalent to storing 150 sheets of digital documentation without any hassle.

The USB and HDMI support features are added advantages regarding the networking flexibilities of this device. You can easily export and share scanned documents across different platforms using the seamless connectivity features of the ET18 Pro scanner.

  • No Reflections

The scanner has its light source at the side for evenly distributed illumination. This prevents unwanted reflections from the camera casing and the contents of the documents are properly visible. The scanner also has a brightness adjustment feature for adjusting the surrounding glare up to 4 levels.

  • Handles Up To A3 Size

The scanner comes with a wide capture area for conveniently scanning large A3-sized documents. The foldable arm provides height adjustment flexibilities to aid in the high-quality scanning of such documents. You can rest assured of the output resolution and clarity of the digital copies of large-sized maps, blueprints, etc.

  • OCR Software Available

The ET18 Pro scanner runs on an ABBYY-powered OCR technology for converting scanned documents into editable and searchable file formats. The feature can make these conversions in more than 180 different languages. You can hence, scan and convert the digital document into a preferred language. The feature is a lifetime free utility.

  • Support Multi Material-Glossy Paper/ Thick Books/ Magazines/ Photos

The scanner demonstrates high efficiency in digitizing documents with different page types and qualities. You can effortlessly scan photos, magazines, thick books, and multi-material glossy papers with this device. There is no compromise on the quality and resolution of the scanned output due to variations in page types, thickness, and texture.

  1. Best Portable Scanner- Shine Ultra Pro

Another remarkable scanner series of CZUR is the Shine Ultra range of portable scanners. The Shine Ultra Pro model of this series is the best pick for professional and personal scanning requirements. The device houses some excellent digitization features that make it stand ahead of its market counterparts in user preferences.

This is a top-rated overhead book scanner capable of quickly and conveniently digitizing everything from books, papers, and magazines to documents and blueprints. You can use the device to create high-resolution digital documentation for presentations, online meetings, and academic purposes. The scanner comes with a set of excellent features for improvised digitization flexibility.


  • 24MP High-Quality Camera

The star attraction of this high-quality scanner is its CMOS sensor integrated, 24-MP, ultra-high definition camera. The utility is dedicated to capturing the clearest and sharpest images of the document pages. The scanned images have enough clarity and detail. The scanner has an A3-sized capture area and allows a minimum page thickness of 10 mm.

  • Adjustable Height & Portability Design

This Ultra Shine series of scanners are known for providing the maximum portability to its users. Its compact size of 17 inches can make it fit in the smallest spaces with utmost convenience. The device comes with a foldable arm to provide height adjustment flexibilities. You can set the scanner at different horizontal and vertical angles for getting the maximum capture area and focal range.

The smart and sleek design is both beautiful and advantageous. It gives the scanner a modern and professional look, while simultaneously ensuring the portability benefit. The device is a perfect example of credibility and elegance put together.

  • 1s/Page Scan Speed

The device renders a high-speed task response through its remarkably fast scanning speed. This scanner can digitize documents with a scan speed of 1 page per second. You can hence, scan your largest documents and heaviest books within minutes using this device. You can considerably improve your work efficiency with this scanner.

  • Auto-Scanning

The scanner's auto-scanning feature is a smart rescue from the hassle of manual page-turning requirements. The device has pre-programmed time intervals and page detection functionality to automatically turn pages after scanning. You don’t need to wait for changing the pages one after the other, which saves a lot of time and energy.

The advanced software algorithm takes care of single page turning without the issues of multiple or missed out turns. The feature is dedicated to making document scanning convenient, quick, and automatic, with the least manual intervention. This goes a long way in reducing your effort.

  • Cost-Effective

Cost is an important constraint for purchasing a document scanner since there is a series of governing factors. The Shine Ultra Pro model is a cost-effective choice in line with the expansive variety of features it ensures. You can get the device for an affordable cost of $189 as the starting price. 

There may be slight variations in different model sequences but the overall price range is quite reasonable. The utility's low price is also an advantage for buyers in comparison to other market alternatives. This scanner is the perfect choice for users looking for feature-rich scanner options within their budget constraints.


CZUR is a well-recognized name in the utility market when it comes to selecting scanners. The brand brings 2 of its best contenders at the users’ disposal for ensuring the most efficient digitization output. You can choose between ET18 Pro and Shine Ultra Pro models in line with your needs.