4 Best Scanners for Artwork and Artists in 2023

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We'll discuss the best scanners for artwork and artists. Assisting users in purchasing decisions is our goal. When choosing the best scanners for artwork, we spent time researching, testing and writing this guide. 

This guide was developed based on testing the scanner, expert opinions, and user feedback. We hope that you will find this guide helpful and you're able to find the best scanners for artwork.

Why Does an Artist Need a Scanner?

The images you choose to use for your artwork must be of top quality so that you can present what you've created in the highest possible lighting. Scanning your work is an excellent method to begin creating a portfolio of digital images, creating art prints, and selling your artwork online. All jobs require images that showcase your artwork.

Although taking photos of your work with an electronic camera can be a feasible option, it has some difficulties. It can be difficult to control glare and lighting, particularly without a high-end camera setup. Also, there is the issue of angle distortion that could take a long time to correct.

Best scanners for artwork offer a simple solution for taking pictures of your 2D work. They are useful for prints with a high-quality finish, drawings and photos. If you're trying to make profits from your art, then you'll require digital photos of your work. This is to promote it on Instagram for display on your website for artists or to create high-quality fine prints of art.

How to Select the Best Scanners for Artwork

To make the most effective decision, We've determined that the following criteria for selection are the most effective for selecting the best scanners for artwork.

  • Bit Depth
  • Bit Depth can also be referred to as color depth. It refers to the number of colors within a single pixel. A higher level of bit depth offers users greater flexibility and more data after taking a scan of the file.

    A few bit depth options are 16-bit, 8-bit, and 32-bit. Ideally, you'd like your scanner to have 32 bits; however, you are able to opt for as little as 16 bits.

    The best scanners for artwork discussed in this article are with bit depths ranging from 24 bits to 32 bits.

  • Scan Resolution
  • The scanner resolution is the number of pixels the scanner is able to scan. It is an important quality criterion for selection since the artwork's clarity, as well as its color accuracy, depends completely on the resolution of the scan.

    The resolution of a scanner is measured in Dots-Per Inch or DPI. Ideally, you'll need to have a 300 DPI scanner. This is the highest resolution for scanning, as the accuracy of the color and text clarity remains within this limit.

    In the article today, The scanners we'll be discussing come with 250 to 320 DPI each. All of them come with the highest resolution for scanning!

  • Supported Scanning Media
  • Different scanners have various dimensions of scan portals, and they can work with different media. For instance, a typical document scanner can only handle several different sizes of paper.

    In this article, we'll talk about scanners that can print papers like envelopes, letters, legal ID cards, photos, posters and Business cards.

  • Scanning Speed
  • The term "scanning speed" refers to the speed that a scanner is able to scan the media or paper. Most of the time, a higher speed of scanning is more suitable for business use since businesses want their documents processed fast.

    The speed of scanning is measured using per minute (Pages per Minute). Ideally, you'll prefer a scanner with a minimum of 30p/m speed of scanning. But, the speed at which you can scan may not be exactly the same because higher resolution documents require longer to scan with the same resolution.

  • Connection Interfaces
  • Connection interface refers to ways that you can connect different gadgets to the scanner. Connection interfaces are crucial because you might need to import documents from different devices at times.

    Since most devices come with at least one USB connectivity, The USB port is considered to be the top of the line in terms of connections for scanners. Certain scanners have a wireless connection, but wireless connectivity can be costly and generally unneeded. Therefore, a scanner must have USB connectivity options at the very minimum.

    In this article, we'll take a look at the best scanners for artwork that provide USB and WiFi connection interfaces. 

    Find Below the Best Scanners For Artwork

    CZUR’s ET series, as well as the Aura series, can help you power digitization projects using flexibility and ease. The scanners are equipped with the ability to trim images and adjust color tools, which aids in the smooth finishing of your artwork images.

    In addition, aside from this, the ET, as well as the Aura series scanners from CZUR, are also excellent options for picture scanning. Aura series are the most suitable choices for image scanning since they come with sidelights that can reduce reflection due to their anti-reflection characteristics. 

    The ET18 features 18 megapixels, and a resolution of 275 dots per inch (DPI), making it a great scanner for image scanning. It also requires 1.5s/pictures, which is a great time to scan pictures, especially when they are in large quantities. These scanners are as famous as the best flatbed scanners for artwork. 

  • CZUR Aura Series

  • Sometimes, photo scanning can be difficult because it's not as simple as regular scanning pages. There are certain problems that need to be taken care of. We know that scanning of reflective materials could be affected by poor lighting since regular light may cause glare to the photos and other shiny materials.

    To solve all these problems, CZUR Aura Scanner is there to stop the glare and also to scan images in bulk.

    CZUR Aura Variants

    1. Aura Pro 
    2. Aura X Pro

    Discover them in detail by visiting our store.

    1. CZUR ET Series

    CZUR ET series’s best scanners for artwork integrate with the CMOS system, which is a catch-based scanning solution that permits simple operations to scan artwork fast and even in large quantities. 

    Place the photo or an image in front of the scanner's camera, and then press the scan button. Your artwork will be preserved from beginning to close. The innovative Side Light is equipped to effectively show the entire document for a perfect and balanced scan.

    CZUR ET Variants

    1. ET16 Plus
    2. ET18 Pro
    3. ET24 Pro

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    1. Shine Ultra Series

    It is a simple method to scan your images, books, documents, and more. Shine Ultra Pro’s  variants are an affordable photo scanners that have an ultra-high resolution photo sensor (13MP/24MP). It can capture still images that can be as big as 4160 ˟ 3120 pixels (Shine Ultra) and 5696 ˟ 4272 pixels (Shine Ultra Pro) that provide stunning clarity and incredible details. 

    With an innovative folding mechanism and a unique folding mechanism, Shine Ultra Pro is a unique folding mechanism. Shine Ultra series is ultraportable at just 2.2lbs and is sized to fit in any backpack. A great solution for those artists who work or travel.

    Shine Ultra Variants

    1. Shine Ultra
    2. Shine Ultra Pro

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    1. Shine Pro Series

    With reliable performance and reasonable prices, The Shine Pro series’s best scanners for artwork provide excellent scanning speeds that can be as quick as one second per scan to increase productivity. 

    The cameras come with a resolution of 8 megapixels which offers high-quality photography for documents less than the A4 (Shine 800 Pro) or A3 (Shine 800 A3 Pro) size. If you want cost-effective and quality scanning, choose Shine Pro. Shine Pro series.

    Shine Pro Variants

    1. Shine 800 Pro
    2. Shine 800 A3 Pro

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    These outstanding features of the best scanners for artwork are undoubtedly the result of thorough research. Some features, like the patented curve flatten technology, are unique to these products. They have high-megapixel cameras, so they can deliver scans that are superior to your highest expectations.