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Scan anything from books and documents to objects in high quality in minutes (300 pages in 20mins).

We shipped more than 20,000 CZUR scanners to 108 countries during our two Indiegogo campaigns.

* Digitize books without unbinding them. Convert them to PDF, editable Word (2.5sec/page)

* Scan a wide range of documents and objects up to A3 size

* Doubles as a versatile lamp with 4 light settings

Quickly and Effortlessly Create an Infinite
Digital Library on Your Laptop

Make light work of all those heavy and expensive text books, and thick piles of documents

Save Effort!
Digitize books without unbinding them.
Save Time!
Ultra-fast scanning speed of just 2 seconds per page.Ultra-fast scanning speed of just 2 seconds per page.Ultra-fast scanning speed of just 2 seconds per page.Ultra-fast scanning speed of just 2 seconds per page
Choose Your Format!
Output files to JPG, Word and  PDF

Preserve Your Treasured Memories
Keep Them Timeless, and Pass Them Down to Future Generations

Your new CZUR Aura can scan almost anything, including a wide variety of documents and objects up to the size of A3

Your Old Family Photos

Your Art Works

The First Toy You Bought for Your Kids

Proprietary AI Algorithm and Software Technology
Ensures an Effortless Scanning Experience

Three laser lines embeded in Aura use a revolutionary AI algorithm to straighten book curves

Smart Paging for Books

Auto Alignment

Manual Selection: Single select out of multiple items on one scan

Create, Scan, Store and Share Your Work All from One Place,
at the Comfort of Your Desk

An effortless and seamless flow from paper to email, from concept to digital storage

Effortless and seamless flow
From concept to digital storage
And from paper to email in one go
Aura is a perfect designer desk pad too!

Free your hands and space! Handy foot pedal to trigger scanning

Versatile! Doubles as an Attractive Desk or Bedside Lamp

With its sleek and innovative design, combined with its revolutionary array of lights and light settings, the Aura doubles as a lamp. What incredible value for money!

Easy to Control by Sound

Easy on the Eye

Aura in Use

Aura in Production

Accessories Which Come with the Aura and Tech Specs

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